Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmouse!

Merry Christmas to all of our furriends and their beans! We hope you have a wonderful day filled with treats and scritches.

(This is a photo from 2016 - Saku didn't get near the little tree this year). 

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Model Cat

Hi efurrybody, Saku here today!

The mom bean has been doing some more yarn stuff for the sticky bean.

She needed a handsome model for a photo shoot.  Of course I was a willing participant....not.

But the color does look good with my eyes, don'tcha think?

Have a great day efurrybody!


Monday, November 16, 2020

Happy Cat

 Hi efurrybody, Saku here!  

The mom bean is starting to decorate the house with breakables Christmas ornyments.  She says I have to stay down - like I can jump that high anymore.  But she did give me a piece of tissue paper!

Paper is great cuz it crinkles and when I tear off pieces, mom bean has to clean it up.  

Yep, I'm a happy cat today!  Have a good one efurrybody.

Friday, October 23, 2020

My turn in the sunshine

Hi efurrybody, it's Sasha here today. 

I told the mom bean it was way past time that she help me post.  Our furriends might think I'd run to the Bridge or something.  Nope, I'm right here, laying in the morning sunshine.  It's one of my favorite places especially now that it's gotten too cold to use our sunny room much.  Mom bean says that we'll probably be able to use it next week.

Time to get back to my nap, this time on the couch.  Dinner was served there, and I'm feeling ready for a post meal snooze.  

Take care efurrybody!

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Wordless Wednesday (almost)

 Hi efurrybody, Saku here today!  Today's edition is why mom loves me. :)

Friday, August 21, 2020

Survivor, sticky bean style


Hi efurrybody, Saku here.  You'll be happy to know that we survived another visit from the sticky bean.  Sasha spent most of his time on the couch and suffered a number of intrusions, mostly gentle.

Me, I stayed out in the sunny room until the mom bean made me come indoors.  The rest of the time, I hid out under her chair (and mine).  From that place I was able to teach that sticky bean a lesson or two.  

He likes to watch Y-tube videos on the mom bean's puter and sits on her lap or in the chair.  Sometimes when he was hopping up or down I'd take a swipe at those feet just to give him a good scare.*  

I wonder why he calls me the mean kitty?  MOL!

*no three year olds were harmed in the making of this post.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Catching up with Stanley and Sheldon

Hi efurrybody, my name is Stanley and I live with the sticky bean and his mom bean.  The grandma bean came to visit, and I got some extra cuddles so when she asked if she could use the flashy box on me before she went away, I said okay.
And besides the cuddles, I got coffee too.  Now most of you would think kitties wouldn't like coffee but I do.  The grandma bean figures it is because I stayed with the sticky bean's dad and his friends for awhile after the sticky bean and his mom bean left and they weren't furry good at feeding me or giving me something to drink.  So I like to drink the coffee water and lick up coffee grounds whenever I can get them.  Now I just get it when the grandma bean or Dad bean comes to visit, and I eat good for me foods and fresh water efurry day.

Me and my brofur Sheldon like to tussle sometimes.  He's bigger than me, but I'm older so sometimes I win and sometimes he wins.  Sometimes the sticky bean yells at us, "that's enough" and we stop and run away. 
Sheldon sat still for the flashy box too...he just forgot to close his eyes when it flashed. MOL!

Have a great day efurrybody!

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Baby, it's hot out there!

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

Sasha and I love our sunny room, but the mom bean says it is too hot out there sometimes.  So look what she went and did.
She put up new cloths on the windows to keep the sun out! Let me tell you, we wasn't furry happy with this.  Too bad Sheldon isn't around, he'd climb these things and put some extra holes in them.  

But you know, it's not all bad.  She does open some of these some times so we do get some sun shine.  One of the cloths is in front of my cat tree and she always opens that one in the morning so I can watch for the burds in the trees.
And even though there is no sun puddles to sleep in, my new bed is furry comfy!

I guess I'll forgive her.

Have a great day efurrybody!

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

It's all good

Hi efurrybody, Saku here today!

I has forgiven the mom bean for making such a mess of our sunny room.  

She brought home a brand new rug for us!!!  Well me, mostly 'cuz I like to lie in front of the sunny room door.  

It's the place to be in case she opens the door and then I can get to the out!
Mom bean says she might even get me a harness and a leash so I can stay out with her.  This is how I feel about that!  
I like it best when she lets me outside before she cuts off the grass.  Sometimes I eat some, sometimes I chase the bugs, and sometimes I stare off into space check out the path to the front yard.  She doesn't let me go there 'cuz she says it's too close to the street.

Have a great day efurrybody!

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy Caturday!

Kitties, we are so thankful for Caturday!  Yesterday was a no good, horrible day.  You won't believe what our mom bean did to us.  Well, maybe you will....cuz you know she's annoying most of the time.  

She ruined the sunny room for the entire day!!!

 Yes, she did!  She took all of the soft towels and cushions off all of the chairs and took them away.  I (Sasha) was forced to nap in one of the cat beds.  For shame!
 She even turned some of the furniture on its side.  About the only good thing she did was to put the table in front of the window. I (Saku) found it a great spot to get some window whiffies.
 Even Sasha's favorite chair got the same treatment. 
Saku had to use the old scratcher as a spot to hang out.  Never mind the cat tree is right there.

And then, horror of all horrors, she made us leave the sunny room.  She brought out the sucking masheen and cleaned the floors.  The towels and cushions and even the rugs were taken away somewhere and came back later smelling different.  
By evening efurrything was finally back in place and we were allowed back in our room.  

And do you know why she said she did this to us?  She said it was 'cuz she thought the room smelled like cats.  Well, duh, we're cats aren't we?  

Oh well, all's well that end's well.  We're enjoying our sunny room again today. 

Happy Caturday efurrybody!

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Waiting for my dinner

Hi efurrybody, Saku here today.  

You'll be glad to know that I survived the looooonnnnnggg wait for my dinner last night.  I was pretty sure I was a goner, I was feeling so faint. I didn't even have the strength to reach out and scratch her to let her know.  But she eventually got the idea and got off her * and fed us.

It's not sunny here today but I'm gonna spend the day out there.  Maybe she'll miss me?

Have and easy Sunday efurrybody!

Monday, June 15, 2020

Getting along!

Hi efurrybody, Sheldon here!  The old mom bean came for to visit me and Stanley.  Oh, and she says the sticky bean and his mom too.
She stayed overnight and slept in the big boy bed that the sticky bean is supposed to sleep in, but he doesn't very often.  (He prefers to snuggle in with his mom).
Bet you can guess who sleeps on the bed!  Yep, me and Stanley!  We even sleep on it when the old mom bean is there.  
She opened the window just a little bit and we both wanted a chance to get some whiffies.  Aren't we good at sharing?

Speaking of being good, check out this picture of me and the sticky bean.
He's (finally) starting to learn to be nice.  Of course, if he wasn't I'd just up and run away and find somewhere out of his reach.  No one efur said I was dumb. MOL!

It sure is nice to stop by efurry once in awhile and hear from our furriends.  Have a great day efurrybody!

Thursday, June 4, 2020

The great outdoors!

Hi efurrybody, Saku here today!  

We've had glorious weather this past week (at least mom bean says it has been).  All I know is I got to go outside! 
This was before the mom bean cut the grass so there was lots of stuff to chew on.  She never lets me out on my own, and she doesn't let me stay long but I sure love getting out to roll around and smell the different smells.  But the darn mom bean says Sasha gets a turn too!

And look who else came for a visit.  This was in the evening when the mom bean was out burning stuff on the grill.  Hey, he better not be chewing on my grass!

Have a great day efurrybody!

Monday, May 25, 2020

Happy Birthday Sasha!

Sometime about this date, is Sasha's 20th birthday!  Mom bean says he came to live with her and our fur-sibs in mid-July 2000.  He was adopted from the local Humane Society and his age was approximately 7 weeks.  The mom bean did some math and working backwards she decided that May 25, 2000 would be the date...mostly because that was the day they had moved into their house.

To celebrate this milestone, Sasha will likely sleep much of the day away.  Since that would be mostly boring, mom bean went into her stash of photos to find some more lively to share.

Well, this isn't very lively but is the first photo she could find of Sasha.  It was taken in 2007...about the time she got a digital camera.
This is the first photo of the original 3 S's, Silver on the left, Sasha, and Sami to the right.  

Sasha's favorite bean was (and still is) our bean brofur.  Here he is wearing C's toque - no one else could have put it on his head.
Sasha has always been the tolerant cat. He put up with the continual addition of other cats, Silver, then Sami, next up were the twins Shady and Silas, and then the biggest pest of all, Saku. 
This photo is proof that at one time the two of them actually shared a cat tree!  (Mom bean can't remember this at all and if there wasn't photographic proof she wouldn't have believed it.)

More proof, here's Silas squished into a cat bed with Sasha! For those who haven't met Silas before, he weighed in at 22 lbs. at his heaviest.  Sasha, on the other hand has never weighed more than 10 lbs.
This kitty pile made mom bean smile.  She never could make her bed back then.  Clockwise from the top left are Sasha, Shady, Sami, and Saku.

Okay, this still hasn't been furry lively has it?  

Is this better?  It's Sasha playing with a kicking toy...we think Saku was waiting his turn.
When we moved to this house in 2010, there were four kitties, Sasha, Sami, Silas, and Saku.  The sunny room became Sasha's favorite place to hang out.  He loves the sun on his furs and if mom bean gives him a bit of nip, he's even happier! (This photo is from 2013 which is the year we started this blog.)

Another photo from December 2013.  Sasha is the only kitty who didn't mind the Santa hat, and he never efur tried to take an ornament off the tree.

Sasha also loves to be able to get outside in the summer time, and he especially likes to eat grass.  One year the mom bean even grew grass in the house.

In 2017, Sheldon came to live with us for a little while with his sticky bean and his mom.  Poor Sasha, the kitten loved him too!

These days Sasha spends a fair amount of time sleeping. He's gotten skinny though he hollers like crazy when he wants to be fed.  He's become a fan of the new water fountain - before he would only drink out of bowl in the sink.  Mom bean thinks he's deaf, but his eyesight seems to be good. His favorite person is still the bean brofur with mom bean coming in second.  Sasha doesn't much care for the sticky bean, but like the kittens before him, the sticky bean loves Sasha.

We hope you've enjoyed the trip down memory lane with Sasha.  There won't be any big pawty, Sasha would probably sleep right through it!  But we appawciate our furriends who we know will drop by to wish our special boy a happy day.

Mom bean says every day with Sasha is a blessing.  He's simply a sweet boy, and while she would prefer if he didn't wake her before 6 a.m. (and he does frequently), she's grateful he's been part of our lives for nearly 20 years.  Happy Birthday Sasha!

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

A visit with Sheldon

Hi efurrybody, Sheldon here today.

The old mom bean came to visit me the other day! I'm sure she'd say she came to see the sticky bean but we all know she really wanted to visit with me.

I'm not a big fan of that sticky bean.  Sometimes he tries to pick me up or pull my tail.  Stanley lets him do that but I sure don't!  

So when he finally went out to the front porch I seized my chance and had a cuddle with her. It may not look like it but I was purring in this picture.  It didn't last long though 'cuz that sticky bean loves his grandma.  

Have a good day efurrybody!

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Keeping an eye on things

Hi efurrybody, it's Saku Sasha here today. (Mom bean is appawently losing her mind...we knew it, now she does too.)

I do this efurry morning.  I wake the mom bean up at dark o'clock so she can get us our breakfast.  Did you know I eat my breakfast on her bed?  Yep, I do because Saku is a piggy and if we didn't stay separated I'd never get to eat it.

Once I've had my fill, I curl up in the warm spot where mom bean was sleeping and have my first nap of the day.  No way am I going to let her come back and have a bit more sleep!  Nope, that's my spot now!

I'm keeping my eye on things from right here (sorry about the finger, she was trying to pet me at the same time!)  

Have a great Caturday efurrybody!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Cozy kitty

Hi efurrybody, Saku here today!

Our mom bean has been busy lately but I've been able to pin her down for some cuddles while she has her morning coffee.  

I know she really likes it, even though I sometimes use my claws to let her know she's slacking off on the petting.  Hey, sometimes she needs a reminder!

When I'm not cuddling with mom, or napping on the bed, and if the sun is out, the mom bean is opening up the sunny room for us.

Appawently it wasn't quite warm enough for me the other day.  I'm snuggled under the towel.  I don't know why the mom bean laffed at me - I think I was being furry smart.

It's a cool day here today with no sun so I guess mom's lap will be the place to be.  Have a great day efurrybody!

A message from the mom bean - to all the kitty and woofie pawrents out there - take care and stay well!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Another visitor

Hi efurrybody, we had a visitor today!  Sasha and I (Saku) were out in the sunny room enjoying the warm sun when mom bean came out to check on us.  NO, she wasn't the visitor!  It was Squirrel!!

The mom bean has been putting out seeds on the top of the bird feeder so more birds can eat.

 Squirrel spotted her through the window!
 He took a last few nibbles and then....
Away he went!  Goodbye squirrel!!   See you tomorrow.

Happy Caturday efurrybody!

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

A visit from the other S kitties!

Hi efurrybody, it's Stanley here today.  I live with the sticky bean with my brofur Sheldon.
Yep, I'm sitting on the table.  Sometimes I try to get away from the sticky bean...though he's a darn good climber!
Here's Sheldon too...I think he heard the sticky bean coming.  MOL!
I heard the birdies talking outside the window so I got up on the cupboard to see what they were doing.  
One more photo of Sheldon too.  He likes the sticky bean's new bed.  I think it's cuz the sticky bean would rather sleep with his mom, so Sheldon gets it to himself...unless the G'ma bean is sleeping in it.  Then he shares.

Have a great day efurrybody!