Saturday, September 29, 2018


Hi efurrybody, Sasha here today.   
I am napping on the mom's chair under her tippy tap machine. It's nice and warm and best of all, the sticky bean is napping too!  But not near me.  I like that a lot 'cuz I'm not a fan of that little bean.  He's loud and likes to chase me.

He also likes to chase Sheldon too.  I'm okay with that and Sheldon doesn't seem to mind as much as I do.  

Mom bean says that Sheldon will be moving with the sticky bean and the bean sisfur soon.  But she's convinced the sisfur that maybe Sheldon* should stay here until most of the unpacking is done.  Don't tell her but I think mom bean is going to miss that silly kitten.

Time for me to finish my nap before that sticky bean wakes up. Then it will be time to hide and find another place to nap.

Have a great Caturday efurrybody!

*Stanley, the outside cat that lives at the old house won't move either.  I think it will be easier for the two of them if there isn't as much kerfuffle happening.  - Mom bean

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Sunshine on my/our furs

Makes us happy!  

Hi efurrybody, we're all here today.  Even the mom bean!* It's nice and sunny in our sun room.  AND warm too!  

 Saku: I'm hanging out under the chair.  Mom bean says the sticky bean and our bean sisfur are away for a few days but I'm not taking any chances!

 Sasha:  I purrfer full on sunshine.  I am 18.3333333.... years old you know.  These old bones need some heat. 

If the sticky bean does show up I'll run.
Sheldon:  I is being camera shy.  Mom bean had to chase me around the sun room until I hid under the love seat.  Even then I didn't make it easy for her, MOL!

Thanks to all our furriends for the good wishes about my move. Mom bean says the other mom bean (sisfur) has been reading about introducing kitties to each other.  She's made some plans to give us each some space of our own for the first while. Paws crossed we behave ourselves.

Have a wonderful sun-filled day efurrybody!

*I'm home this afternoon after a gastroscopy this morning.  All is well but it is sure nice to have an afternoon off while the weather is so nice!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Kitty worries

Hi efurrybody, Sheldon here today!  `

Do I look a bit worried in this picture?  I am, just a bit 'cuz the sticky bean followed mom bean down the stairs.  That kid sure can ruin a good nap.

I'm hanging out on my other mom bean's furrniture.  I has another bit of a worry, 'cuz I just found out that I'm going to be moving too!

That's right, I is going to leave this house and go to another one with the other mom bean and the sticky bean and a cat named Stanley.  I don't really 'member him but appawently we lived together when I was just a little kitten.  Mom bean says he wasn't furry nice to me then but she thinks that now I'm bigger I'll hold my own.  Well, I sure don't want to hold his...whatever!

The other mom bean says she will keep us separated for a while, one of us stays in her sleeping room, while the other has the run of the house and efurry day we'll switch.  She figures since neither of us "owns" the house yet we'll eventually come to tolerate each other.

I know I is going to miss Saku and Sasha.  Saku is fun to torment play with and Sasha is the best napping buddy a kitty could want.  Mom bean says she hopes someday Sheldon and I will become good furriends too.  I sure hopes so too!

No time to worry now's time for my Sunday nap!  Have a good one efurrybody!