Saturday, April 18, 2015

Let the pawty begin!

The mom bean has left us, abandoned us to the care of the bean brofur, who may or may not get up before noon no matter how long we stand at his bedroom door and call.

She says she'll be back in two weeks, but in the meantime there is no tippy tapping for us.  Seriously, furriends we is going to be so lonesome without you.

Sooo...let the house-trashing party begin!

We'll make sure the new furrniture matches to old stuff.

We'll throw confetti around...even if we has to make it ourselves.

 Sasha will do his best crazypants impression.
We'll make sure we play with efurry toy...

And we won't pick them up so the mom bean can step on them when she gets home.
We'll use efurry box we can find a hidey place.  (And whap anyone who walks by)
 Sami will really, really, really enjoy the nip!
 Saku will jump for joy knowing he won't get squirted by the water bottle for doing something naughty!
Furriends, you is invited to come on over and help us make a mess join the pawty!

We'll be watching for you.

See you soon!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Bruce Almighty on the mend

Mom bean here again to share with everyone the latest update on Bruce Almighty.

It’s been a week of continued healing for Bruce Almighty! His bandage changes and hydrotherapy continue to be done by the RHS Veterinary team every few days. The healing of his wounds on his front paws is going incredible well and his newly unwrapped back leg is looking near normal.
Bruce Almighty is feeling much stronger and is happiest when he is near people. He’s able to walk short distances with his front bandages and now spends his weekdays in staff offices and the weekends at home with his foster family. He’s a very eager talker and is always willing to roll over for a belly rub and ear scratches. He absolutely adores sitting on a warm lap and will stand up on his back legs and ask to be picked up knowing cuddles await him on the lap of his choice.
He’s also very good at telling us what he doesn't like! That includes being held or carried and being in his kennel too long. He’s been known to use his front paws to bang on the kennel doors to let RHS staff know he’s ready to come out and visit.
We simply adore his personality and it’s clear to us that Bruce Almighty will have no problems adjusting to pampered house cat status when he’s fully healed. We continue to receive so many kind messages of concern and caring for Bruce Almighty and want to share his and our thanks. At one point his future was so uncertain but he continues to defy the odds thanks to so many of you!

It's so wonderful to read how well he is doing.  I suspect there will be a long list of prospective parents waiting for the day he is ready for adoption. (It won't be me...Saku would never tolerate another kitty in the house!)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tabby Toes Tuesday

Hi efurrybody, Sami here.

I'm not furry happy today.  Mom bean just told us she is going away abandoning us again.

We knew something was up when the big blue box came out and she started putting her clean laundry in it.  She says she isn't leaving until the weekend...but I don't know what that means.  For us kitties, efurry day is the weekend!

She says she won't be here to help us tippy tap and where she is going she won't even have the interwebs.  I'm furry unhappy with her right now.  So I is saying to the mom bean, "Talk to the paw!"

I think I'll go have a long nap.  

Have a great tabby toes Tuesday efurrybody!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easy Sunday

Hi efurrybody, we're all here today.  It is a great day to get our easy on and that's what we're doing!
Sami - I'm hanging out in the sunny room

Saku - I've got a prime spot on the mom bean's bed

Sasha - I'm in the sunny room too.
We hopes wherever you are you are having an easy Sunday too!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Late breaking news

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We have lots of news to share on Bruce Almighty! Yesterday our Director of Veterinary Care, Dr. McCallum took him to Saskatoon to meet with the surgeons who have been advising us on his care. After sedation, they were able to check his wounds and are very pleased with how he is healing. They decided to trim the metacarpal bones on his front left paw that were exposed (this is the paw that was the most damaged). Doing this will aid in granulation tissue growing to cover the ends of what remains of his paw.

At this point we will be continuing with his regular bandage changes, hydrotherapy and antibiotics. It is expected that the new skin he is developing will cover his wounds within three to four weeks. At that point we’ll see how he can walk with no bandages and decide on the next course of treatment. Being that Bruce Almighty is a polydactyl and has a larger paw surface than a normal cat, he may have enough remaining paw pad tissue to walk on. If not, we will bring him back to the Veterinary College for grafting. The wounds on his back paw have healed to the point now that his leg doesn't need to be wrapped. As you can see in this photo, his skin is quite red but it’s not causing him discomfort. 

This makes us furry happy!  Go Bruce go!!!

Thankful Thursday - Bruce Almighty update

We wanted to share another Bruce Almighty update with efurrbody.  He is gone to another place to see special peeps to see if they can help him be able to use his front paws better.   We is sure he can use some extra purrs!

Mom bean says if there is another update this week she'll be sure to let us post that too.

Regina Humane Society
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We hope everyone had a happy Easter! Bruce Almighty spent his holiday long weekend with one of our wonderful foster families. Last Thursday was a big day for him as our Veterinary team neutered, tattooed and micro-chipped him. Having proper pet identification is so critical if your pet is ever lost or stolen! He took the procedure (which is pretty fast) all in stride. We've noticed that he’s not too comfortable with being held. This is understandable given what was done to him. But he is a HUGE fan of neck and belly scratches and we are all too happy to oblige. Bruce Almighty has no problem flipping over onto his back and accepting all of the belly rubs he can get – just like a dog! He’s also enjoying all of the wonderful toys and blankets people have dropped off for him. Today he is undergoing another bandage change and our Veterinarians are suturing the wounds on his back toes closed. He will be traveling to Saskatoon on Wednesday to see the surgical specialists at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. We are hopeful that they will be able to reconstruct his two front paws to increase his mobility. Please continue to send him all of your good thoughts! We know they are helping him in his recovery and we’ll share another update later this week.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Mancat Monday

Hi efurrybody, Sasha here.

Wait a minute, that's Sami.  Mom bean was going to take a picture of me and Sami jumped right in.  Brat!

That's least you can see me in this picture.

Can you see that Sami is lying on my toes?
Sisfurs can be such pests!

Here are my toes when Sami isn't sitting on them.

Mom bean says they remind her of pussy willows.

I bet pussy willows don't have claws like these. 

Have a great mancat Monday efurrybody!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter efurrybody!

There was no hiding of eggs here today, and no treats for us kitties either.  We is hoping it warms up enough that mom bean will open up the sunny room for us later today.

While we wait, we is going to enjoy our after breakfast, mid-morning naps.  

We hope you are all having a great day however you choose to spend it!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Funny

We want to share this furry exciting recent release from the Saskatchewan R.C.M.P (Royal Cat on Mouse Patrol???)

April 1, 2015
RCMP find felines a purr-fect fit for the frontline
Regina, SK. –Saskatchewan RCMP is pleased to announce the implementation a new Police Cat Service (PCS) unit. In the coming months, 15 new frontline felines will be joining detachments across the province and working in partnership with our Police Dog Service (PDS) and specialized units. The cat’s natural hunting instinct, night vision, acute hearing and agility make them a natural fit for frontline police work.
“Frontline felines are a welcome addition to our policing services,” said Insp. Syl Vester, Officer in Charge of Police Cat Service. “They bring to the table a curiosity and confidence, which will greatly assist our frontline members in investigations.”
The first police cat in active duty is Phoebe. Along with assisting detachments in day-to-day operations, her natural ability for covert cardboard box investigations will be an ideal asset to uncover work.
Along with day-to-day operations, cats will be employed with police surveillance teams throughout the province. A cat’s night vision, climbing and acute hearing capabilities, along with their long-term memory abilities, makes them the ideal addition to teams investigating undercover.
“We are committed to providing an innovative, progressive approach to policing in this province. Police Cat Service is just one of many programs in place today,” said Insp. Syl Vester, Officer in Charge of Police Cat Service. We welcome Phoebe into our RCMP family and I know many officers will be happy to work with her as a partner,” said Insp. Syl Vester.

Mom bean says it was an April Fool's joke but we thinks it is a great idea!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thankful Thursday - another Bruce Almighty update!

Hi everyone, it's the mom bean again with another update from Facebook for Bruce Almighty.

I've actually seen local news coverage showing Bruce walking on his bandages. He is one incredible kitty!

We'd like to thank everyone for the continued kind words and support for Bruce Almighty. Yesterday he underwent another bandage change and hydrotherapy treatment. As mentioned previously, he will be travelling to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in a few weeks for paw pad grafts. This procedure will help rebuild his paws that were so badly damaged by the tightly wrapped electrical tape.Despite all he has been through, one of his most favourite things to do is play. Thanks to a kind member of our community who dropped off items for him, he is now enjoying a new crinkle bed and toys. He loves feather toys and a few bandages doesn't slow him down!

So many people have thanked us for caring for Bruce Almighty. But we want to thank you for caring about him. From the member of the public who called our Animal Protection team when they found him, to the many people who donated towards his care, to the media from all over the world who shared his story and all of our supporters who have sent him good thoughts - thank you. No animal, including Bruce Almighty deserves what was done to him. But often it is in the darkest of times that you meet and are helped by the kindest and most generous of people. In this case we've had that experience many times over. Thank you!

I continue to hope they will find the individual or individuals who did this to him, though I expect the punishment would not fit the crime.  In the meantime Bruce is being well taken care of and his future looks bright.