Friday, December 17, 2021


 Hi effurybody!

It's getting furry cold here so there is no sunny room time for me. Good thing the couch is pretty darn comfortable too.  

The mom bean isn't sure how this is comfortable.  Little does she know.  

She says there have been some changes in my behaviour since Sasha went to the Bridge. I used to wait for him to wake mom in the morning, now I do that all by myself. I've taken to tapping her on the head with my paw...with a teeny tiny bit of my claws out to make sure she pays attenshun. When that doesn't work, I knock stuff off her bedside table - books, glasses, cellphone, water bottle - it all goes flying. That works effury time!

I've been playing lots too and getting the zoomies sometimes. Mom bean has been finding toys all over the place. I won't tell her why I'm doing that now and didn't do it much before. 

I miss Sasha sometimes and I refuse to sit on his spot on the couch. I even get mad at the mom bean when she sits there. But I sure lub being the only kitty cuz I get all the pets and scritches. And treats too!  

Stay warm efurrybody!

Saturday, December 4, 2021

All's well that ends well

 Hi efurrybody, it's cuzin Stanley here today.

The old mom bean took this photo of me waiting for the coffee to finish. More on that later.

Early this week, our sticky bean had another sticky bean come over for a visit.  The boys were playing hard and the other sticky bean fell on top of me and then our sticky bean fell on him. I didn't tell anyone I was hurting until that evening, when my brofur Sheldon wanted to play.

The young mom bean heard us hissing and hollering at each other and separated for the night. The next morning, she called the ebil v e t, and later when the old mom bean came to the house, we all went there. I had to stay for awhile and have x-rays. Thankfully, there was nothing broken - I was just very sore. They said I was a furry good boy and didn't get angry with them even when they poked me.

When I came home, I was furry wobbly on my legs, but the old mom bean petted me and gave me lots of loves while keeping the sticky bean away.  She also kept Sheldon in her bedroom overnight, and let me out of the other bedroom when I wanted a drink of water. I had to take some pain medications too for a few days - and I'm doing fine with that.

After a couple of days I was feeling so much better, and me and Sheldon had our morning tussle. 

The old mom bean took a video but her phone and puter won't talk to each other right now. But I can say that we both gave as good as we got, MOL!

Oh, as to the coffee thing - I used to live with the sticky bean's dad. He wasn't a good provider and sometimes all I had to eat and drink was coffee grounds and coffee water. Even now, I like the taste so even though the old mom bean usually drinks tea, she makes coffee to share with me when she visits. She's a good old dragon!