Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Sunny Days again!

Hi everybuddy! 

It's sunny days here and the sunny room has been open most afternoons. I was having a lovely nap this afternoon and then click, click, click.

 I got woke up by that darn flashy box...though no flashy was needed.

I don't look furry pleased do I?

Now I'm bugging mom bean asking nicely for treats. I deserve them, don't you think?

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Hi Jack blog

 Hi efurrybody, it's Sheldon here today with my brofur Stanley!

The old mom bean came to visit us last week. (and the sticky bean). She brought her 'puter and put it on our table.  Me and Stanley thought it was a great place to hang out. It was warm and she would give us lots of pats. She's a good old bean.

Sometimes I sat on her chair and sometimes she almost sat on me! But I'm a big boy now and she never squished me.  

We always like when she visits 'cuz she loves on us, and we love on her too. Then she reminds the other mom bean to brush us, 'cuz Stanley sheds like crazy. Me, not so much but I love the scritches from the brush too.

Bye for now!