Sunday, September 5, 2021

We're still here

 Hi efurrybody, Saku and Sasha here today.  Yep, we're still here.  Mom bean says we don't do a heck of a lot so there isn't much to share.  BUT she's wrong, we do a lot...a lot of sleeping, eating, and a whole lot of p**ping.  She should know about the last 'cuz she has to clean it up. MOL!

We're still hanging out in the sunny room.  Most of the time, Saku naps in the tunnel but one day he was napping in the bed and mom thought his foot dangle was cute.

Saku: I heard the click of the flashy box.  How dare she wake me. By the way, Sasha is sleeping in the orange bed beside me.

Here's proof she feeds us too.  Sasha gets his dinner on the couch so mom bean can keep an eye on him.  He doesn't always eat everything at once and Saku has a bad habit of trying to steal the rest.  

Sasha: So mom bean takes it away and covers it up and serves it to me later in the evening.  I have her well trained!

We won't share you any proof of the third thing we do so well.  Mom bean cleaned up the boxes just this morning and she'd tell you it was a smelly task.  She says she might have to reconsider which flavor of Fancy Feast she feeds us.  

Thanks to the Tabbies of Trout Town for reminding the mom bean that we haven't posted for awhile. We'll see if we can stay awake long enough to put mom bean on notice a little more often.