Sunday, June 28, 2020

Waiting for my dinner

Hi efurrybody, Saku here today.  

You'll be glad to know that I survived the looooonnnnnggg wait for my dinner last night.  I was pretty sure I was a goner, I was feeling so faint. I didn't even have the strength to reach out and scratch her to let her know.  But she eventually got the idea and got off her * and fed us.

It's not sunny here today but I'm gonna spend the day out there.  Maybe she'll miss me?

Have and easy Sunday efurrybody!

Monday, June 15, 2020

Getting along!

Hi efurrybody, Sheldon here!  The old mom bean came for to visit me and Stanley.  Oh, and she says the sticky bean and his mom too.
She stayed overnight and slept in the big boy bed that the sticky bean is supposed to sleep in, but he doesn't very often.  (He prefers to snuggle in with his mom).
Bet you can guess who sleeps on the bed!  Yep, me and Stanley!  We even sleep on it when the old mom bean is there.  
She opened the window just a little bit and we both wanted a chance to get some whiffies.  Aren't we good at sharing?

Speaking of being good, check out this picture of me and the sticky bean.
He's (finally) starting to learn to be nice.  Of course, if he wasn't I'd just up and run away and find somewhere out of his reach.  No one efur said I was dumb. MOL!

It sure is nice to stop by efurry once in awhile and hear from our furriends.  Have a great day efurrybody!

Thursday, June 4, 2020

The great outdoors!

Hi efurrybody, Saku here today!  

We've had glorious weather this past week (at least mom bean says it has been).  All I know is I got to go outside! 
This was before the mom bean cut the grass so there was lots of stuff to chew on.  She never lets me out on my own, and she doesn't let me stay long but I sure love getting out to roll around and smell the different smells.  But the darn mom bean says Sasha gets a turn too!

And look who else came for a visit.  This was in the evening when the mom bean was out burning stuff on the grill.  Hey, he better not be chewing on my grass!

Have a great day efurrybody!