Friday, January 23, 2015

Long time gone

Hi everyone, it's the mom bean here.  I'm missing the kitties a great deal since I've been away, but my daughter tells me they are doing fine and my son has been taking good care of them.  That's good to know!  

The other day, I got a ride back from Victoria where I was visiting my godmother with my cousins. I rode in the back seat with these two guys!

On the right is Chip and on the left is Dale.  Some of your moms might know the can ask them.

These little guys are minature Pinschers. They are both sweet boys and lots of fun to play with.  They also have a cat sister named Xena.  She's a little shy and tends to hide when I'm around.

Here are Saku, Sami, & Sasha sleeping on my bed at our house.  I took this picture just before I left.  I miss those sweet faces (even if Saku is hiding his!)

I'll be back with them in 10 more sleeps.  I hope they'll be happy to see me!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Hi efurrybody, we`re all here today. 

It's not only Happy New Year but today is also our second blogoversary!!  We are so thankful to have found this place.  We've met so many wonderful kitties (and beans too) over the past two years.

You might not know but our mom bean is a bean counter.  Well, she doesn't count beans like her but she does count numbers.  So we thoughts we'd share some numbers with you (it will make her happy and it may keep her tippy tapping for us)

In two years we've written 475 posts, with 1035 pictures (some were repeats), over 19100 visits (some are mom bean's checking the post), and more than 1920 comments from our furriends.  We have 28 followers that we can see and mom bean says there may be more that we can't see.  

Meowser, for three kitties with a lazy mom bean that's pretty amazing.  We truly could not have done it without you and we hope you'll come back for more in 2015.

Which brings us to some bad news.  The mom bean is abandoning us (again) for a furry long time (an entire month!).  We'll be okay 'cuz the bean brofur is staying here to take care of our efurry whim the house and us kitties but we probably won't be around much.  Mom bean says she'll pop in to visit our furriends but unless we're on Skype with her we'll have to see you all later.

In the meantime, here are some a lot of our mom bean's favorite pictures of us to remember us by.

From 2013

From 2014

Thanks efurryone for being part of our lives, we lubs you all!