Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Happy Birthday Sasha!

 Our Sasha is 21 years old today!  

This is about as much enthusiasm as Sasha manages these days, except when it comes to food.  (Photo taken yesterday in the sunroom - while the sun was playing peek-a-boo with the clouds.)

Sasha is a reliable alarm cat, waking mom up between 5:30 and 6:30 a.m. every day.  He does this by getting as close as he can to her face and then yelling in her ear.  Sometimes she can get him to let her sleep more by petting him, but if she dozes off and stops he starts yelling again.

Despite all signs that he is losing his hearing, mom figures it's mostly selective hearing.  He  always hears the can of stinky goodness being opened, and mom needs only to lift the treat bag and he's up and waiting for his share.

He usually doesn't eat all of his meal at one time, preferring to have it served to him over the course of the day.  Mom has learned that breakfast is around 6:30 a.m., finished up mid-morning around 10, dinner is at 4:30 p.m. with the last tidbits finished around 8.  You can be sure if he cleans up his dish in one sitting he hollers for more at the other times.  Kibble is available throughout the day and he does eat it but it frequently comes up shortly thereafter.  

He loves the water fountain, especially if mom puts an ice cube in it.  Sasha likes to talk before and after he's had a drink, perhaps to ensure mom is aware he's getting his necessary intake.  She certainly knows the output is good!  Though he's having some difficulty climbing in and out of the big boxes, Sasha prefers those to the smaller and lower sided box she bought for him.  She's thinking she may need to cut an opening on one end of the big box so he can get in an out easily.  

Sasha's favorite person continues to be his bean brofur C.  If he isn't napping in the sunroom or on the couch, he's downstairs on the extra chair that sits beside C's computer desk.  The other day, he even let C get rid of some mats on his hind end.  Mom is the only one who can clip his nails, but that must be done only on paw at a time.  Sasha is still quite capable of showing his displeasure with a swat or a nip.  

Sasha has always been a tolerant cat, thought occasionally Saku tests his patience by leaping on him as he walks by.  Sasha no longer plays, spending most of his days and nights sleeping.  He has some interesting positions, often with his paw over his face, or this one where he's almost standing on his head!  

Today will be a day like so many others, mom catering to his needs and wants, lots of naps though there won't be any sunshine, and scritches and pets from mom and C.  We're all just grateful that Sasha is with us to celebrate this day.

A old photo, taken about 2007, of Sasha with his sisfur Silver.  The two of them adored each other. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Not funny!

 Our mom bean told us a story the other day about our cuzins, Kelfie and Callie.  They are the resident kitties at the mom bean's brofur's farm.  

She got a text from her brofur that she read to us:

"Played a trick on the cats last night but this only works in an old house.  I was in the bathroom and a mouse ran under the door with a cat paw swiping at it.  So I opened the window, tossed the mouse outside, shut the window, and let the cats in. They went nuts trying to find it. :)"

"They both might need therapy."

She laffed and laffed....we don't think it is funny at all!  Here's Callie attacking him for being so mean. (Mom bean put the pink mask on him...now that's funny! MOL).