Monday, May 27, 2019

Happy Birthday Sasha!

Happy 19th birthday to our handsome mancat Sasha!  Mom bean isn't entirely sure when he was born but working backwards from when Sasha adopted our beans she believes it was within a few days of May 25.  So this year we'll celebrate today ('cuz she forgot this weekend!)

Sasha has always been a furry special kitty, pawtient with all the new kittens who come into his world, and just a happy, loving kitty to the beans.  He's gotten noisier as he's gotten older, always letting the beans know when he's hungry or wants some attenshun.  

Today he's in his favorite spot, in the sunny room in the midst of a sun puddle having a nap.  There will be treats later and lots of love from the beans. 

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Sunny Caturday

Hi efurrybody!  We sure hope you're all having a great Caturday.  So far ours is full of sunshine and warms.  Mom bean says the rain is coming but for now we're enjoying napping in the sunny room.

We've had more visitors too!  Sometimes they pose for the flashy box, this guy wouldn't! 

We think the grackle didn't want his photo taken either.  He looks scary doesn't he?

Mr. Robin was much more accommodating.  

The trees in the neighbour's yards are starting to bloom and when the windows are open in the sunny room we can smell the flowers.

Spring is definitely here!  Have a great Caturday efurrybody!

Saturday, May 18, 2019


Hi efurrybody!  Happy Caturday to you all.

It's a bit cool here today but the sun is shining.  That means sunny room time for us kitties (and mom bean too).  

A few days ago we got a new channel on our cat television out there.  Mom bean's brofur took down an old tree and put up a burd feeder.  We've had lots of visitors in the yard since then!

Mom bean has taken lots of photos but the silly burds try to hide on the other side of the feeder so they're not good pics.

And look who showed up this morning to partake in the seed goodness!  He was a real piggy!!
Have a great day efurrybody!

Friday, May 10, 2019

What's up?

Hi efurrybody, Saku here today.

There's been some strange goings on* around here.  Check it out.

The mom bean put the carriers out the other day.  I, of course, had to check them out.  I didn't know why they were there but we found out yesterday. 

She stuffed both Sasha and I in a carrier.  Well, we each had a carrier to ourselves.  Then she took us out to the metal masheen and we went somewhere.  I'm not sure where it was, but we didn't get out of the carriers, the air was warm, and we got pawsome whiffies.  We also talked to mom, a lot, but she kept telling us we were okay and we'd be able to go home soon.  So we decided to take a nap (which made mom bean very happy).

Mom bean says we are going to do this a few more times.  I'm not sure I like that idea but as long as we don't have to go to the v e t office I think we'll be okay.

Have a great weekend efurrybody!

*the house is up for sale so the cats have to be taken out for open house and showings.  We sat in a nearby parking lot; I read and drank a cup of tea while Sasha and Saku talked to me or napped.