Thursday, March 9, 2023


 Hi efurrybody, Saku here. The mom bean has been furry derelickt in her duties here, but she has been taking some photos.

Here I is, in all my glorious self. I'm probably waiting patiently for my next meal. 

And here I am tucked away, in the sunny room. Yep, it got warm enough (for Saku) out there one day so the mom bean opened the door for me.

To show I'm not the least bit jealous, here's photo of Spencer from the mom bean's last visit.

Mom bean says Spencer was pretty skittish at first, but by the end of her visit, the little girl even came to her for pets! No cuddles yet, but maybe next time.

Have a great day efurryone! Wishing you all sunshine and warmth.

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Meet Lady Spencer!

 Hi effurybody, Saku here today. 

My mom bean dared to leave me alone* for elebenty seven days this week to go visit the not-so-sticky bean and his mom. While she was there she got to meet the new kitty. Boy, oh boy, am I glad she doesn't live here!

Lady Spencer** was found outside of the house when it was furry cold. Her mom bean fed her for a couple of days before Spencer let her catch her and move her into the front porch. She had worms in her tummy and mites in her ears so had to go see the v e t for a check-up. She also got her spay done too. Once the antibiotics did their job, Spencer got to move into the main house and meet her new brofurs, Stanley and Sheldon.

Her mom bean said Lady Spencer is now bossing the boys around. I think they must be wimps...not girl kitty would efur boss me around. Oh wait, Sami used to do that to me too. 

My mom bean wasn't able to touch Spencer either, she's pretty skittish around people. But she does let her mom bean pick her up and will sleep on the bed with the not-so-sticky bean...but only if he is sleeping too. She would come downstairs when my mom bean was there but wouldn't come furry close.

She's a pretty kitty and no one knows why she was tossed out - she's about 9 months old. Purrhaps she went into heat and the beans didn't want her anymore. Her mom bean thinks she may have been abused too because she runs when someone starts walking towards her, and runs when things get noisy. But when all is quiet, Spencer loves to get pets and loves from her mom bean. She likes to be around her beans too, and has claimed one of the dining room chairs as her own so she can keep an eye on whats happening.

Spencer has discovered catnip and treats too. I think she's going to be furry happy in her new home. AND I'm happy she's not in mine.

Have a great day effurybody!

*I was gone for less than 48 hours. Saku is such a needy boy. Besides my son was here and he even slept in my bed one night so Saku wouldn't be lonely.

**The not-so-sticky bean chose the name Spencer, my daughter added Lady as a nod to Princess Diana. She's about 9 months old (maybe 10 now).

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Not getting away

The mom bean has been away for a furever (2 weeks) but she finally came back. 

She says I've been glued to her side ever since but mostly I've been pinning her down.

I'm not letting her get away this time!

Unless the sunny room is sunny...then maybe she can get some alone time.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Christmouse past and napping present

 Hi everybuddy! 

Hope you all had a good Christmouse. It was pretty good here, even with a visit from the sticky bean. He's not quite as sticky as he used to be and I even had a nap on the couch while he was sitting on the other end. Mom bean says that's darn near a miracle.

I got a brand new lamb nip toy and a wand toy with a squeaky mouse and feathers too. The little bean liked playing with the wand toy and I chased the mouse. Once I grabbed the mouse in my mouth and took off with it with the little bean holding the wand. Mom bean said it was furry funny but she didn't get a photo.

She did get this photo of me though. The last few nights I've decided I want to sleep under the covers with her. I only get to stay there if I don't scratch usually doesn't last long. But one night I actually fell asleep!

Have a great day everybuddy!

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

We got a visit

 Hi efurrybody! It's Sheldon and Stanley here today. We just had a visit from the old mom bean. We sure like it when she shows up.

Stanley: Yep, 'cuz I get my coffee fix and...

Sheldon: We both gets stinky goodness!

Well, to be fair our mom bean gives us those too, just not as often as the old mom bean does.

Here we are on top of the deep freeze. The treat bag is in the cupboard up above us. Funny story, it has a hole in it....we has no idea how that happened, MOL...and when the old mom bean pulled it out of the cupboard it spilled a whole lots of treats for us. Did she let us pick them up...yes, she did. Yum!

Have a great day efurrybody!

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Same old, same old

 It's cool here today, and I told the mom bean I'm going to hang out with my blanket and relax today.

In other words, nothing different from any other day, MOL!

Saturday, August 6, 2022


Hi efurrybody! Mom bean started a jigsaw puzzle the other day, and I decided to help. 

For some reason, she didn't much appreciate it. I don't understand why.