Monday, August 19, 2019

Nap, disturbed

Hi efurrybody, Saku here today.

The mom bean caught me napping* and thought to get a photo because she thinks I'm so cute.

Of course, I woke up before she got the picture.  We kitties are furry sensitive to noise, right?  Okay maybe not always. 

Have a great day efurrybody!

*catching him napping is not the issue, waking him is.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

My space

Hi efurrybody, Sasha here today.  

I was tucked in on my side of the bed when the mom bean decided she needed a photo of me.  Don't I look comfy?

Mom bean says for a little cat I sure take up a lot of room on the bed.  I say that's my pero, perog, right to do so!  My spot is in front of the pillows right beside her.  She used to sleep on that side of the bed but I took it for myself. 

Saku purrfurs the end of the bed.  I think he knows better than to try to sleep in my spot. Sometimes he is a smart kitty.

Have a great day efurrybody!

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Good kitty

Hi efurrybody, Saku here today.

We had a couple more rides in the car this week.  Mom bean took this picture of me in my carrier. 

You can see that I'm buckled in.  So was mom bean so she didn't get a furry good photo 'cuz she had to squish around to take the photo (and no, she wasn't driving).  I also has my blanket with me.  

Mom bean says I (and Sasha) was a good boy on this trip.  I didn't yell or talk loud to her and just chillaxed in my carrier.  We're getting tired of these car rides but mom has learned to park the car just a short ride away from home, turn the masheen off, and open the windows for fresh air.  

The other thing she's learned is Sasha can't see her when he's in his carrier...or else he yells!  So we have our furry own spots in the car.  See, I is a good kitty! 

Have a great Caturday efurrybody!

Friday, August 2, 2019

Spoiled rotten or just a deserving cat?

Hi effurybody Saku here today.  I was helping the mom bean last night with her crotcheting.  She says crocheting but if you heard the words she says when I try to help....sheesh you'd think I was getting in the way or something.  

Look at the face.  Does that look like the face of a kitty who gets in the way?  Never mind, don't answer that question.  MOL!  Of course I'm in the way, 'cuz I deserve my lap time.  That is, if I can't have the chair to myself. 

Have a great day efurrybody!

Friday, July 26, 2019

Plotting a takeover

Hi efurrybody, Saku here today!

This darn mom bean of ours is horrible.  She hasn't let us post furever!!  And she let that pest Sheldon have a post of his own.  Seriously, if we could open those cans of stinky goodness on our own we'd get rid of her.

So, what's a kitty to do?  I thought and thought (well, maybe not) but I did takeover her chair.  Maybe seeing me next to the 'puter is enough to remind her she's been neg..negli...forgetting to post for Sasha and me.  

AND guess what?  It worked 'cuz here I am!  

Not much new around here, we keep going for car rides while other beans go into our house.  Sometimes I don't mind but sometimes I do and I let her know.  When we're not riding in the car, I hang out in the sunny room when it is sunny and sometimes when it is not, like today.  Or I come and cuddle on mom bean's lap.

Time for my thirty third nap of the morning.  Mom bean says there is another car ride planned for later this morning, so I best get my rest.  Have a great day efurrybody!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A visit from Sheldon

Hi efurrybody!  It's Sheldon here today.  

The old mom bean came for a visit to my new place.  You can tell I'm quite content here.  I've got lots of sunny places to hang out and nap, good foods, and a brofur to play with.  Even the sticky bean isn't that bad...though he sure loves to hug me.

Here's my brofur Stanley  He likes to sneak out the door when the beans aren't watching.  But he's a good kitty too because when the old mom bean calls here kitty kitty he stops and lets her bring him back inside.

I do like it when the old mom bean comes to visit and I always get in a good cuddle.  She's makes a great place to sleep at night because she's soft and warm.  Stanley loves her too and enjoys head butting her to get pats and scritches.

Life is good kitties.  Have a great day efurrybody!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Good things

Hi efurrybody, Sasha here today.

We're getting lots of sunshine but appawently there was a big storm the other night with lots of thunder noises.  I wouldn't know 'cuz I slept through the whole thing.  Sometimes being an old kitty is good.

You know what else is good?  When the mom bean goes out shopping for our stinky goodness and finds it on sale!  She bought three cases, different variety with 24 cans in each.

This ought to keep us eating for awhile!  

Have a great day efurrybody!