Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Hi efurrybody!

We're all here on Thankful Thursday 'cuz we're thankful for all of our furriends.  We're always thankful when somebody new comes to see us too!

And just the other day we gots a new follower, Carlos the Cat.  Be sure to go over and meet him too!

Carlos asked a question about how we gots our names.  We is thankful for questions 'cuz the bean can't be relied on to come up with good ideas for us to talk about, MOL.

I'm Sasha, and I came with my name from the Petcetera store.  Mom kept the name because I was named after a Russian gymnast (mom doesn't know which one).  Both my bean brofur and bean sisfur did gymnastics when they were younger, and the sisfur still coaches boys gymnastics.

Can you tell I have furry long legs? Do you think I could do a giant on the bar if I tried?

My name is Sami and that wasn't my name when I picked mom and the others beans for my family at the Humane Society store.  Mom can't remember what they called me.

When I camed home to live with my bean family, my brofur Sasha and sisfur Silver were already there.  Mom and the other beans talked about what to call me and realized they needed another "S" name. Mom said they sure couldn't call me Bob.

So I don'ts know who came up with the name Sami, but it went with Sasha and Silver and I liked it too.

I is Saku and I is named after a hockey player. My bean sisfur gots me when I was a little kitty and she lubs hockey!  She lubs me too, MOL

She called mom to tell her about me and they talked about names.  First I was going to be Zac or Zak or Zack but mom didn't like the name so my sisfur suggested Saku.

I think maybe Mom knew I'd come live with her furry soon.  She had Sasha, Silver, Sami, Shady, and Silas living with her then so Zak just would not have fitted in. And I sure is no Bob, MOL.

So that is how we gots our names.  Mom wanted S names so if she slipped up and called us sh*thead we wouldn't notice.  That's kind of mean but we furgives her...she gives us treats! And that makes us thankful too!

Have a pawsome Thankful Thursday efurrybody!!!


  1. Great story on how you got your names. We've all got "P" names. Sometimes Mommy goes through all of our names before she gets the right one. MOL!

  2. Thank you for mentioning me here, it was surely nice to find your blog. It was interesting to hear the story also. Sami and Saku sound very familiar to me, since here in Finland those are common names for boys/men. I actually believe the hockey player you mentioned is also a fellow Finn. I might just borrow your topic idea for my blog today, my brain is running a bit slow today, and there isn't anything new idea coming up now. See you

  3. Will there ever be a Bob there?

  4. way awesum how everee one getted ther names guyz tho we dunno why yur mom wood wanna call any bodee "shed" !!!!

    haza ton oh trout thurzday !!

  5. Good question. And interesting answer. :)

  6. We love naming stories and have had several posts about our names. We have a Carlos too! Although he mostly goes by Carl, his full name is Carlos Raphael Camaro. Boy, is that a story! We'll hafta go see the other Carlos.

  7. By the way, Sascha & Sami, have you thought about joining the Tabby Cat Club? Its a nice way to meet other kitties.

  8. Isso é muito legal, gostei de saber como vocês ganharam esses nomes.
    bom fim de semana, amigos