Saturday, October 19, 2013

It's Caturday!

Hi efurrybody, Sasha here!

Lovely photo mom, where's my head?
It may be Caturday but it's taken until mid afternoon to get the mom bean to pay any a-ten-shun to us. Good thing we kitties can't tell time, MOL

Well, except for breakfast and dinner time....that we know furry well.

The mom was out in the yard today and she let all of us have a turn in the grass.  Saku gotted scared and he bit mom, which she didn't like furry much but said it was okay 'cuz she had her gardening gloves on.  Sami didn't want to come inside and she hissed at mom.  But I was purrfect, after I had some yummy grass to eat, mom said "time to go in handsome" and I listened.

I think I'm mom's favorite...what do you think?

Have a great Caturday efurrbody!


  1. Aw Sasha, you are such a good kitty! I think you are mom's favorite! But I also think Saku and Sami are her favorites, too :-)

  2. I'm curious, how are you let out on your garden; are you wearing a harness (or whatever it's called...), or are you already so advanced that you are allowed to wander around freely? Or is there fences around your own garden? I get so confused in our garden, I can get a sudden urge to run straight into the neighbourgs garden and the lady of the house doesn't appreciate that at all...

  3. I think your mom loves you both very much. Who wouldn't? You two are so adorable.