Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cat-ch-up Sunday

Hi efurrybody, Sami and Sasha here!

Sorry we's been away for a day or so, but the mom says life is getting in the way.  We says she is just lazy MOL!

This morning we got her up nice an early o'clock to feed us.  You'd think she's be thrilled to be up so early to get stuff done but what did she do? She wented back to bed.  So we did too!

When she did get her lazy self out of bed we asked to go out to the sunny room.

Even though we asked nicely, she said no 'cuz it was too cold.

When we didn't take no nicely for an answer she let me (Sasha) out.  Brrrrr! She was right!

Mom says it was 1C (33F) out there. We thinks we'll wait until this afternoon before asking again, MOL!

So we decided it was time for mom to let us visit our furriends!

We gots the tippy tap mash-ine and her spot on the chair all ready for her.

Have a super Sunday efurrybody!

Pee Ess:  All the damage on the chair was done by our brofur Saku...not us...really, MOL


  1. Sure, we believe you that all the scratching was done by Saku. :-p

    You know that humans always use "life" as an excuse not to blog, right? If your mom is cooking Thanksgiving dinner this weekend, maybe she can give you some turkey (or ham or chicken) to make up for her blogging transgressions. :-D

  2. Of course, we know you would never damage a chair. hehehe

    Sometimes mom knows best, especially when it's cold. Hope you get into the sunny room this afternoon.

  3. I am sooooo impressed by your* chair work! I haven't gotten quite that for on my project yet but I am working on it.

    *or "somekitty's" (Saku's)

  4. Oh, my 1C! That's way too cold! It's good to listen to your mom sometimes, isn't it :-)
    That chair is very well done. Haha, we have chair looking like this.