Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sami on Sunday

Hi efurrybody, Sami here!

We is having an easy least I is, MOL

Mom has had the sucking masheen out but it died on her.  We is not sad about that!

But she went and gots another one so my Sunday nap will be disturbed soon. Back to my nap.

Have a furrtastic Sunday efurrybody!


  1. No, she didn't! She must really like the sucky rug thingy if she ran right out and got another one.

  2. MY mommy also had that same sucky monster out!

  3. MY Human SAID she was going to get out the Sucky Monster but she never did cause she's so lay-zee!

  4. Ninguém merece!!! Aspirador de pó e no domingo!! Afffff...
    Nossa humana também usa essa coisa barulhenta, espero que você tenha consiguido dormir um pouco.
    Tenham uma boa semana