Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Happy Boxing Day!

So Santa Paws made it here after all!  

After a long winter's nap (with touching!) we all woke up to find these.
It's a little hard to tell, but there is a new wand toy with fevvers, a squeaky mouse, and a nip worm.  We all like them furry much!

Even with three toys, the fight was on.  It was short-lived though as the mom bean hollered at Saku and Sheldon to cut.it.out.

Okay, mom...we'll share.  At least while you are watching. :p

And check this out, Saku got a new box too, just in time for Boxing Day!  That sticky bean broke his other one (he liked to flip it over and sit on it...silly bean).  Mom bean got him that thing in the background...maybe he'll learn to sit on it instead.

We hope all of our furriends had a wonderful Christmouse and a Happy Boxing Day too.


  1. So sweet three of you had nap together. And what pawsome Christmas presents you got! Those are to fight for LOL.
    Saku, sounds like you gotta teach sticky bean how to enjoy the box :-)

  2. What a fun Christmas Day you all had!

  3. It sounds like a good day in a house with cats! I like best the picture of everyone snoozing together. What a Christmas gift.

  4. Santa was good to you all! (The box was a big bonus.) Too bad your human ruined the tussling, though. :-D

  5. Cool toys for them

  6. Santa sure did hook you kitties up! And that box ... score!

  7. Boys, wow! You got a great Santa Claws present ..more than one! Hope the sticky bean eaves them alone. I make mom put mine up before our sticky bean comes over.