Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmouse Eve!

Hi efurrybody, Saku and Sheldon here today.

Mom bean says sometimes she isn't sure where one of us begins and the other ends.  BTW, that's Sheldon on the left.

We're prepping for Santa Paws arrival by having a morning nap.  This will be followed by an afternoon nap, an evening nap, and then a good night's sleep.  There will be a bit of zoomies in between and some noshing too, of course.

We still haven't seen any pressies from Santa Paws but the mom bean got an early gift from furriends of ours. 

It's a shower kitten...curtain!  She got it early 'cuz her furriend said she needed a smile this week.  It sure makes her smile.

What you cannot see is the Sheldon kitten hiding behind the curtain.  Mom bean tried to convince him to poke his head out for a picture but he wouldn't do it.

Merry Christmouse efurrybody!  We wish you all a wonderful day of extra scritches and treats.  


  1. Desejamos um Feliz Natal para vocês, e seus humanos!

  2. Merry almost Christmas! We hope Santa Paws brings lots of toys and treats for you all...little Eli too. :-D

  3. Aww kitten shower curtain and smile—what a sweet gift to your mom from a friend :-) Very merry Christmas to you all and a wonderful new year!

  4. Merry Christmas (well, almost), sweet pals!

  5. Wishing you all a very Meowy Christmas!

  6. 🎄 Meowry Christmas 🎄

  7. A happy Christmas to everyone there, human and cat. May the new year coming bring only good things and joyful memories in the making. Merry Christmas!

  8. Merry Christmas dear 3 S's :-) and Mommy too.