Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

Boy the mom bean is sure lame.  Did you know it is Tocktober?  Well she didn't. It tooks her eight days to figure it out...lame right?  She tried to blame it on some men paws but that's lame too.  'Cuz 'cept for my bean brofur there are no men paws here and he hardly comes out of the basement so how can it be his fault?

Any...way...here's a fuzzy picture of my Tuxie tocks!

Mom says it's fuzzy 'cuz I was moving, not 'cuz she had the camera on the wrong settings again.

See whats I have to put up with?  Good thing Tuxies rule, or I'd be so outta here, MOL

Have a great Tuxie Tuesday efurrbody!


  1. Your tocks look just like my tocks! ...we must have gotten them at the same tocks store.
    ; ) Katie

    PS… thank you SO much for your well-wishes for Glogirly. She’s feeling better already and hopes that her new-monia, will be old-monia soon!

  2. Ohhhh you've got nice tocks! Happy Tocktober!

  3. Those are splendid tocks! Our human likes the meaty ones. :-p

  4. Meow, nice to find your blog. I'm curious of the origins of your names? They sound so very familiar to my homecountry. May I ask you what is the story behind them?

  5. guyz...de food serviss ladee heer canna boil water sew due knot feel bad bout de tocks tober thing !!

  6. Excellent tuxie tock shot! Happy Tuxie Tuesday!

  7. At least you *HAVE* a 'tocks shot and a mighty fine one at that. My Human hasn't even TRIED. Sigh. Lame-o squared.