Sunday, October 6, 2013

Slow and easy Sunday

Hi efurrybody, Sami here!

We is having a slow and easy Sunday here.  We even letted mom go back to bed after we got her up at early o'clock to feed us.

My brofurs are sleeping now and I decided to have a baff.  The pawparazzi were all over that!

Seriously Mom, can't a girl get a little privacy around here?

Time for a nap...that'll make her go away, MOL

Have an easy Sunday efurrbody!


  1. Hmmm, humans have no qualms about disturbing us and taking pictures when WE take a bath. But try and get a snapshot while one of them is in the bath ....

  2. Querida Sami, as mães são terríveis! Elas não respeitam a nossa privacidade e ainda mostram as fotos para todos olharem, e ficam orgulhosas de fazer isso!

  3. Some moms have no modesty! Ours doesn't either, so we understand.

  4. Could you really send us some cools? Cause we would REALLY love to have some.

    Honestly, the Humans just don't know what privacy *IS*!!!

  5. Pawpawrazzi is around all the time! Are you sure she goes away when you take a nap? I suspect she is taking pictures while you are asleep!

  6. Our Sunday was pretty easy, all right. I'm glad to see yours was, too, Sami.