Friday, October 6, 2017

On a more pawsitive note

Hi efurrybody, it's Sheldon here today!  I gotta say this place is a pretty good place to be.

I'm having so much fun with my brofurs, the fuds are nummy, and the mom bean says I has enuf energy to power the whole city.

There is lots of toys to play with and this mousey is my favorite.  No actually it's the string that comes with the mousey efurrywhere.  Or wait a minute maybe it is the mousey.  I can't decide!

I lub to wrestle with my brofur Saku.  He might be bigger than me, but I'm mightier....sometimes.  

My other brofur Sasha still doesn't like me much.  But if I am furry, furry quiet sometimes he even lets me snuggle up and sleep with him.
Mom bean says I don't know a good thing when I see it, cuz I almost always wake up and put the bitey on Sasha.  He doesn't like that at all!

I likes hanging out with the mom bean too.  I watch over her shoulder when she plays on the tippy tap masheen.  Sometimes I even help her.  :)

And sometimes I put the bitey on her too.  She says her arms look like pincushions....whatever those are.

Mom bean says this is her favorite photo of me so far.  I was so fast asleep I didn't even hear the flashy box.  She says I have two speeds, go and stop.  

Mom bean also says to tell you I'm going to get tutored later this week at the stabby place.  It doesn't sound like much fun to me, so if you can spare some purrs we'd all appawciate it.

Time for a nap in the sunny room!  Have a great weekend efurrybody.


  1. Sheldon, I think my favourite pic is the one with you asleep on the couch! Though how you could sleep with the blood rushing to your head (last pic) is beyond me. :-D

    Good luck with your "tutoring," sweetie. Purrs from my boys. You won't remember a thing, they promise. ♥

  2. Hi Sheldon, sounds like you are enjoying yourself a lot there! I love the photo of you three napping on the couch together. So sweet. Don’t put too much bitey on Sasha or your bean, OK? :-) :-) I love the last photo, too!

  3. Sheldon tenho certeza que você vai conseguir conquistar Sasha, afinal você é persistente. Hihi
    Adorei a foto de vocês deitados no sofá, é muito fofo!

  4. You are one lucky cat, Sheldon. That's a great place to be. Sasha will warm u to you eventually. You may not be a kitten any more when it happens, but be patient. It sounds like you're doing well in any case. In the meantime, you sure are getting plenty of rest. Did you wake with a headache after snoozing with your head down like that?

  5. will be sleepy and when you wake'll go home and never think a thing about it Sheldon. might think 'bout laying biteys on Mom bean! Sometimes they ask us not to. We make our own decisions though about whether or not we will heed what they say. Unless it's "dinner time Sheldon"!