Sunday, October 1, 2017

Farewell Cuzin Puddy

Mom bean told us yesterday that our cuzin Puddy ran to the Bridge that morning.  We is sad, as Puddy was the mom cat to our Silas and Shady, and she always came for a cuddle with the mom bean when she visited the farm.

Here is the message she received:

The only other news I have is sad but at the same time, had to happen. Puddy, who has lived at our place longer than we have (so I guess that makes it her place), had to be put down this morning. We assume she was almost 17 years old but the vet thought she was 18 plus. We think she may have had a stroke but as of two days ago, she quit eating and could barely walk. We were still able to get water into her but she couldn’t chew or swallow food so was facing a slow starvation, thus we took her in this morning. She is now buried in the flower garden between Luna and Anna.*

Puddy was an amazing cat. She was a great hunter and this spring, was still bringing us mice and birds and the odd chipmunk. In her prime, she used to go out into the pasture and bring back gophers. In our first year living in her place, we had a Japanese guest who I took for a mile long hike through the hills under a full moon. Puddy decided that was fun and came the whole way with us. She was once grabbed by a Great Horned Owl but survived that with three small puncture wounds. Not sure how the owl fared but I’m thinking he took a beating. Puddy didn’t back down to anything and put the run on many a dog. When we first moved out to her farm, P and I went out in the dark on the front lawn, plunked down a couple of chairs and were sitting watching the stars when Puddy jumped up into my lap. I guess she decided I was ok and I became her person from then on. I will miss her and how she would lie along my forearm with her claws wrapped around the ends of my fingers, being carried around like royalty. She was a pretty amazing arm cat who will be on her farm from now to eternity.

*Luna and Anna were the woofies who lived on the farm with Puddy and her daughters, P.J. (Puddy Junior) and Hollywood.  

Run free Puddy and say hello to Sami for us.


  1. Oh, no, we're so sorry that Puddy has crossed the Bridge. Our purrs and purrayers to all those left behind who loved her dearly. Hugs.

  2. I DIDN'T KNOW HWER BUT THIS GAVE ME LEAKY EYES. REST IN PEACE DARLING PUDDY. I DON'T HAVE TO KNOW YOU TO LOVE YOU...AND I DO. So sorry, I did not mean to "shout" the caps lock was on.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your cousin Puddy. Sounds like she enjoyed a wonderful life. What an adventure kitty to go for a long hike. The owl episode is remarkable. Sending warm thoughts to her family. xo

  4. We are so sorry to hear about Puddy. What a life she had. Sending lots of purrs....

  5. Miss Puddy sounds like a real individualist, and a treasure to her humans. I don't imagine many cats survived being grabbed by an owl. What a life she must have had. Godspeed, Puddy.

  6. Puddy; you are a gorgeous gal. Godspeed your journey to heaven. we send bug hugs and lots of sympathies to you people ♥♥♥ May you find endless adventures in your 10th life ~~~~~♥♥♥♥♥

    daisy, tuna, dude, sauce and boomer ~~~