Sunday, October 15, 2017

Home again, home again, jiggety jig

Hi efurrybody!  I'm home and doing just fine after my visit to the stabby place.  

It started off kinda awful 'cuz the mom bean wouldn't give me any fuds.  Sasha and Saku were kind of mad at her too 'cuz they didn't get any either.  AND then the mom bean tried to grab me and put me in this box....but I runned away.  She chased me but I only wanted to go to the potty before we left!

The ride in the masheen was okay but I got a little scared when we got to the v e t office.  There sure are a lot of strange smells!  Mom bean left me with a furry nice lady who petted me and called me handsome. At least I think that's what happened 'cuz they told mom bean I was pretty pawsome.

To be honest, it's all a little hazy after that.  I had a pedicure, got a tattoo and a chip and then I went to sleep for awhile.  When I woke up I hung out until the mom bean came and picked me up.  I was happy to see her and I was good on the ride home.

Saku was not furry happy to see me. :(  He hissed and growled lots and mom bean sprayed him with the water bottle.  Usually she uses that on me so I thought it was pretty funny.  She did holler at me 'cuz I was running and jumping and someone told her I shouldn't.  

I feel fine! I been drinking and eating and sleeping and pooping and playing and pestering my brofurs.  Last night, this happened, Saku came and slept on the couch with me and I touched him.  Mom bean was soooo excited.  I think we're gonna be furriends after all.

Have a great day efurrybody!


  1. Hi Sheldon! We're glad your "tutoring" day went well. :-)

    We kind of think that Saku might have been extra upset by the vet smell on you. It often happens! We're glad you're both fine together now, you both look very cosy there on the couch.

  2. You both look so good there in the couch. I think Nikki and Derry were right. It was the v-e-t smells you had to bring back with you. XXXX SO glad it's all over sweet boy.

  3. Sheldon, we're glad everything went well for you at the stabby place and that Saku didn't stay mad at you for very long.

  4. Sheldon, that is great news. We are glad things at the v-e-t went well! And we are glad Saku is not still mad at you. :)

  5. I've heard of many cats, especially youngsters, running and jumping right after their visit to the veterinary hospital. Apparently, they don't read the instructions they come back with!

    That last picture of you and Saku together makes for a very happy ending to the day, eh, Sheldon?

  6. Hi Sheldon, I'm glad your vet visit went very well! And it's wonderful you and Saku are getting closer. I'm sure you are going to be good furriends! :-)

  7. dood...its happened ta de best oh uz...tho frank lee wear yur any onez guess.....we still dunno bout R's....

    N we iz buzzed happee ta lurn ewe N saku's chillaxin two gether now
    ...itz nice ta haza big brother huh !! ☺☺♥♥