Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sami, forever loved, always remembered

It is mom bean here again.  I've taken over the blog to share some of my favorite memories and stories of my beautiful girl Sami.  I'm sure Sasha, Saku and Sheldon will forgive me.....so long as I remember to feed them.

Sami came to us in August 2002 from the Regina Humane Society.  We had two cats at the time, Sasha and Silver, and my children convinced me we needed a third. (Don't ask me how....they just did).  When we went to the shelter I was adamant, we were going to get an older cat because kittens get adopted more quickly.  Ha!

We'll just take a peek into the kitten room they said.  We walked in and this little sprite of a kitten (about 6-7 weeks old according to the card) made it very clear she wanted our attention.  She jumped up and down, climbed the bars of the cage, and chirped eagerly.  We laughed because she reminded us of the Baby Sinclair of the Dinosaurs (a television program the kids loved), "I'm the baby, gotta love me".  

So we did.  And from that moment on this little girl had hold of my heart.  We brought her home to meet her older fur-sibs.  Sasha was tolerant (as he is with all kittens) and Silver hated her.  But they came to have an understanding.  As long as Sami was on the other side of Sasha, all was well.  Once Silver ran to the bridge Sami was happy to have Sasha to herself, and he was always her favorite...though the feeling wasn't always mutual.

Later when Shady and Silas came home, Sami became their mother.  She bathed and disciplined them even when they quickly out-sized her.  

Silas is the big orange tabby, his sister Shady is behind him, with wee Sami to their left.

Sami was always a little cat, she'd been found eating garbage in a bin (I assume someone tossed her) and I think that may have stunted her growth.  As the years passed, she became more rotund.  I always laughed and said it was pretty obvious she was my cat, short and round just like me.

She was our Walmart greeter.  There wasn't a person who came into the house that Sami didn't like.  However, when it came to the cats, she definitely ruled the roost.  Both Saku, and now Sheldon met the wrath of the paw of Sami and both learned to give her a wide berth. 

Sami was my cat or rather I was her bean.   Early mornings would find her perched on my shoulder (I sleep on my side), waiting and watching for any signs of wakefulness.  If that didn't work, she'd reach out a paw and touch my face gently.  AND if that didn't work, a claw would be extended to touch my face.  I learned to wake up before the claw was extended too far.

Sami never met a box she didn't like.  No matter the size she found her way in.  Her favorite box came into the house two years ago at Christmas, it sat beside the television stand with a towel in it (which I did switch and wash every so often).  That box is now in the garage as I cannot bear to look at it empty in the place it once 

She also loved her toys, not to play with but to bring to me.  I'd hear her peeping her way down the hallway with her kitten, a Easter chick, or a mouse in her mouth.  Sami would drop the toy at my feet and you could see the pride on her face when I praised her for bringing the toy.

Her favorite watering hole was the toilet bowl.  She'd probably hate me for sharing this photo, but it makes me laugh. 

Sami could make me laugh, she could make me smile, and she was the first to comfort me if I was sad.  I think sometimes she was more in tune with my emotions than I am.

I miss her more than words can say.  I reach for where she slept on the bed in the middle of the night and she's not there.  I see one of her toys and I'm reminded I'll never hear that little chirp and trill again.  I see the fourth bowl that I no longer need to fill with food and tears fill my eyes.

Then I look at some of my favorite photos and I smile through my tears.  


I am so blessed to have had fifteen years with this beautiful girl.  What I wouldn't give for just one more day.  In time I hope we are reunited.  In the meantime, I'm sure she, Silas and Shady are getting caught up...while Silver is reminding her to keep her distance.  

Thank you to everyone who has left a comment in the past few days.  I take comfort knowing you understand our loss and have taken time to leave your kind words and purrs.  


  1. How you miss Sami is how I miss Tungsten, especially some nights when I would give anything to have her curled in my hand again.

    Sami must have been like Christmas: comfort and joy. I laughed as I read your description of how she woke you. Fifteen years is a long time but never long enough. I too wish you could have another day with her. I think you will meet her again, and then that one day will last forever.

  2. Your memoir with Sami is just precious! I'm the same as John Bellen, I do smile and giggle with all story & pictures of Sami. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.
    Hug to you

  3. Such a beautiful post in honour of Sami. I could relate to so much of what you wrote, with respect to my Annie. Maybe it's a female thing, to be in tune with emotions, because I know Annie was always more in tune with how I was feeling than any of the boys (Chumley, Nicki or Derry).

    That photo of Sami drinking from the toilet bowl is hilarious! No, I don't imagine she'd be too impressed that you shared it, but what a terrific photo.

    I hope your memories, as bittersweet as they are, do bring those smiles through the tears. And I hope that we all will be reunited, in some form or other, with those we love so dearly. Hugs and peace to you.

  4. Sami; you mom has written a totally awesome and heartfelt tribute post for you; we know you can see it, and we know you've read it

    we hope you let your mom know soon; that just because she can't "see" you, doesn't mean you aren't there.

    please let her know you are doing okay, please let her know to watch for a sign that you're always in her heart and always in her memory and your always right next to her, please let her know you will in fact see each other again; promise ;)

    please let her know whether she believes this or not; you and silver are now friends ~~~~~~~~~ coz that's what heaven's all about ♥♥♥♥♥

  5. What a beautful tribute to your special girl. It's never easy losing a furbaby. Sending you lots of comforting purrs, gentle headbutts and hugs.

    (We love the photo of Sami with her head in the toilet!)

  6. Thank you for sharing sweet memories with your beautiful Sami. She was so lucky to have found such a loving home and family. I understand how it is difficult to see the empty box that she liked, the foold bowl you no longer fill...I hope lot of happy memories help your heart heal. Sending love, warm hugs to you. xo

  7. OH no..I did not know your baby flew to the Bride. I know the pain and the missing. We love our fur babies as they family they are. And miss them forever. The tears lessen little by little but the love stays strong. Like you, I am hoping to see my babies who left before me, again. I love and miss them so. Sami will always truly live on in your heart as will your other babies and one day, we will all have such joy when we all meet again.

  8. Lamento muito a perda de Sami, que notícia triste.
    Um abraço carinhoso para você.

  9. I know what you mean. Kit has been gone for almost a year and I'm just starting to get to the point where I can think about her without tears.. well most times *wipes eyes*

    They sure did work their way into our hearts, don't they

  10. We are so very sorry....a lifetime never seems long enough

  11. Oh, we are soooooo very sorry fur your loss. Sami was and is bootyful. And she was so luvved. We can feel it in your words and see it in da fotos. Sami will be 'membered furever and ever. We're sendin' lots of hugs and purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi, Raena and mommy A

  12. What a beautiful remembrance of your sweet angel Sami. We are so sorry she had to go to the Bridge, but thankful for the love-filled life she had with you. We send you love, and purrs and prayers of comfort as you miss your special girl until that beautiful day you see her again.

    Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful condolences upon the passing of our sweet baby Zoe. We miss her so, so much, but the love and support of our friends is a real comfort during this sad time.

    Big hugs to you, dear pals.

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