Monday, October 7, 2013

Missing no more

Hi efurrybody, Sasha here!

Normally this would be mancat Monday so the post would be all about me (since the pest brofur Saku always hogs Tuxie Tuesday).  But today I have some furry exciting news to share with you.

Last week two kitties were moving to Toronto from Vancouver.  Their bean was going with them too.  But when they were being loaded into the airplane the bottom of their carrier fell out and both kitties ran away into the airport.  One of the kitties was found pretty quickly, but Willow was missing!

Willow is the Siamese kitty in the picture.  You can see this photo and read about their story here.

We know Willow's mommy is furry happy to have her home again.  We are thankful too, for the workers who kept an eye out for her and are making sure she will be back with her mom soon.

Do you suppose she used up more than one of her nine lives?

Hopes you all had a great Mancat Monday!


  1. Those type of stories always makes our hearts stop! At least Willow was found, and reunited with her family. When the mom was a kid, the airline lost the family pet dog during a move across country. They unloaded her to the wrong part of the airport, but she was found much later that day.

  2. I heard she was found, and I'm SO glad it was a good ending. I feared she wouldn't be, to be honest. I'm sure West Jet did all they could, though. CBC radio news said the cat had approached someone in a line up, though I've not read anything to corroborate that.

  3. I guess WestJet knew how a similar situation was handled some time ago by another airline, which didn't really do much until the story went public. They seem to have done well in this. I'm pleased in any case for the way it turned out. I like happy endings.