Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

I was helping the mom bean with her knitting last night and she decided I could model the hat.  Looks purrfect, NOT!  Silly mom bean.

So, the mom bean hasn't been chasing green papers for awhile now.  Sasha and I talked about it, and we were a little worried but she brought home another bag of kibble, and more cans of stinky goodness.  There's enough to last for elebenty sixty two naps so we're okay.  

The best part is she's here at the house with us, and her nap is usually planted on her our chair.  Except she keeps bringing out the knitting!  

Oh, and something else that is confusing is our sunny room.  The other day it was furry sunny out there.  Sasha and I both asked politely (not so much - mom) to go out there so mom bean opened the door for us.  When we didn't immediately come in, mom bean closed the door on us!  Pretty soon we were asking, not so politely, to be let back inside.  It was sunny but furry cold!

Do you s'pose the sun forgot to turn on the heat that day?  We sure hope it turns back on soon!

Have a good day efurrybody, stay warm and dry!


  1. The hat looks cute on you! Even better when it's finished, we bet. :-)

    We don't know what happened to the heat, but we don't seem to have it, either. We hope that we all get it back soon!

  2. Hahaha I guess the sun sometimes forget to turn on the heat :-)
    Good job modeling, Saku! Those colors look great on you!

  3. In the wintertime, the sun is on the south side of the house and it gets so sunny that I'm in heaven! Haha! I know all about doors, tho. The housekeeper has the two doors to the rest of the house propped open so I can go in and out. Enjoy your Valentine's Day! - Tom x

  4. It looks rather like one of those crested voyageur caps, though it should be red. The knitting needles make the whole thing, Saku.

    As for money, I wouldn't worry; your mum wouldn't stop working if it meant not providing for you guys. (But she can't do anything about the sun for a couple of months, I'm afraid.)

  5. Saku, you look good in that hat!

    As for sunny spots that are cold ... that IS confusing!