Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tired Tuesday

Good morning efurryone!  We're all here today!

Mom bean says she thinks we must all be tired from chasing each other around the Chrissymouse tree.

Sasha: zzzzzzzz

Saku: huh, what you saying mom?

Sami: get that flashy box outta my face.  

Whatever the reason, we're not telling.  And hey, the tree is still standing.

Have a great Tuesday efurrybody!  Be sure to get in a nap or two.


  1. Your tree looks so pretty! Our little 4.5 ft one is up (is pre-lit), but the biped hasn't had a chance to decorate yet. She *did* bring the decorations up from the basement this morning, though!

  2. Meus amores vocês merecem uma boa soneca.
    A árvore de natal está muito bonita!

  3. Saku is so tired, he's spilling out of the polka-dot house.

  4. There's plenty of time to destroy, um, redecorate the tree yet!

  5. guys.....yur tree iz total rockin awesum !!!! way kewl; and we love.... knot onlee de litez..... but de fact it iz BURD FREE !!!!! ♥♥♥

  6. Our tree is up, but not yet decorated. Bogey is leaving it alone for now. He does enjoy taking off the ornaments. Guess he prefers the tree to be naked.

    Critter Alley

  7. Oh my dears...I have been doing that all day as my way of recuperating from the little sticky bean!

  8. Our tree isn't even up yet so we aren't having any fun yet.

  9. What a pretty tree and so glad that you kitty kats didn't knock it down. Our tree isn't here either. You all have a wonderful day.