Sunday, November 29, 2015

Keep 'em guessing

Hi efurrybody Saku here again.

The mom bean went shopping with the bean sisfur today and when she got home she had something for us kitties.

Sasha and Sami took a look but they just weren't too sure about it.

I'm a brave kitty so I went right into it.

The bottom is furry soft!

It smells a little funny.  Mom bean says that is the store smell.

But you know with my special shoelace close by, I thinks I like it.  I might even have a nap* in it.

Have an easy Sunday efurrybody!

*After the photos were snapped, Saku did take a quick 'cat' nap but didn't stay long.  The other two are giving it a wide berth but I suspect it smells like home I'll find someone in it.  I got at Jysk today for just under $20 before taxes.


  1. That's such a pretty bed, Saku! And sounds like you got it all for yourself, for now :-)

  2. That looks like a great a little house. I bet they all learn to like it. I know some of the gang here would like it. Have a great evening.

  3. Oh I would love that! You'll love it too very soon!

  4. That's a super bed, Saku! We bet you'll get used to the new store smell soon. Or maybe your human could put a little catnip in there for you all! :)

  5. What a cool tent, Saku! We bet all of you are gonna be fighting over it in no time. ;)

  6. Saku, you are soooooo Brave !
    even me don't do NEW stuff, Daddy have to help me get through it by sitting on top of my new bed. Mom said me is sick because that smells his ass...tee..heh

  7. That looks like an awesome cave! Maybe a little nip rubbed on the cushion inside will help attract everyone!

  8. Nós gostamos, parece muito confortável para uma soneca.
    Vocês são uns caras de sorte!

  9. The proper smell will be all over it in no time. But maybe Fuzzy Tales' advice about catnip would speed things up.

  10. That is cute. Have you tried a little catnip in it to counter the store smell? Just a thought.