Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Surprise

Hi efurrybody, Sami here today.

The mom bean surprised me when she came and asked if I wanted to do my selfie, cuz I was fast asleep.

That's the furst surprise, can you guess the second?

I'm in the sunny room!  Mom bean says she is furry surprised because it is already the middle of November, but the sunshine is warm enough for us to have the room open still.

The third surprise is my silly brofurs are still hanging out on mom bean's bed instead of hanging out with me.  

Have a sunny Sunday efurrybody!

Pee Ess: Mom bean says she'll start catching us up on on furriends today.  Hooray!


  1. Oh that sun sure looks inviting. It has cooled off here so we are so glad to see the sun on the cold mornings. You all have a super evening.

  2. How nice the sunny room is open! The sun does look warm on your fur. Your brofurs are missing the sun! Well, I guess you can have it all for yourself :-)

  3. Sami, you're so lucky to have the sunny room all to yourself!

  4. Sami, that sunny room looks awesome! How nice that you have it all to yourself! :)

  5. Enjoy the sunshine, Sami. November's sunlight can be clear but it's rarely warm.

  6. Sami fico contente que vocês podem aproveitar a sala mais um pouco.
    Tenham uma ótima semana!

  7. Oooh a nice sunbeam! Can't beat that.