Monday, December 28, 2015

Mancat Monday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here.
The mom bean has one last day off before she has to go chasing green papers, so we're hanging out doing a lot of this while she runs around doing chores and stuff.  She really needs to learn to relax like us kitties.

We had a furry good Christmas with some extra treats and lap time with the mom bean (when she wasn't in the kitchen cooking).

We even got a present from our cuzin Stanley.  He thought, since we is getting older we might like to have our food up so we wouldn't have to bend over.  Furry thoughtful of him...wait a minute is he saying we're old?  

Well, I guess we are older than he is so I guess we'll forgive him. We gave him a present too, the tent that mom bean bought us a couple of weeks ago.  Except for the one time that Saku napped in it we've ignored it so mom bean though Stanley might enjoy it more.  Our bean sisfur says he sleeps in it a lot so we're she's glad someone got some use out of it.

We hope all our furriends had a furry good Christmas too!  

Pee Ess:  Mom bean says we has some new followers since the last time she looked.  Hi efurrybody and welcome!


  1. Hi Saku! Looks like Christmas was a win for everyone, including Stanley! We do like your food dish holder, that's awesome! Have a great week, and happy New Year to you all. :-)

  2. We all had extra laptime, too! Yup, one of the best things a peep can give a kitty, to be sure. purrs

  3. We all had extra laptime, too! Yup, one of the best things a peep can give a kitty, to be sure. purrs

  4. Thoughtful Christmas Present ! Me like rise food bowl too ! so easy to eat =^x^=
    Enjoy and Happy New Year !

  5. guys...yur gift frum stanley rock de houz !!!! yur feeder is total lee awesum ....we all wayz eat with raized dishez...haz for yeerz.....hope de dood in red waz good two everee one....if we due knot see ya bak thiz way yet thiz week, heerz two a happee, healthee 2016 !!!♥♥♥

  6. That's a cool dish, Saku. We use raised dishes's not just for old helps with the ol' digestion, too. :)

  7. Glad you had a great Christmas! The present you got from cousin Stanley is very pretty and thoughtful! And how nice you gave him your tent and he is enjoying it!
    Now that you mentioned followers, I checked and didn't see our icon on your list. Just joined :-) Happy Monday and have a great week xoxo

  8. It sounds like a fun Christmas for you cats. I hope the Twelve Days continue well.

  9. Que presente legal! Assim vocĂȘs podem ficar de olho no prato do outro.Miauhihihi