Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunny Funday Sunday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

It's a furry sunny Sunday here, so we gets to go out to our sunny room again, hooray!

It was cool this morning, but the mom bean turned on the little heater for a little while. Between it and the sun, the room is warm enough for us AND mom.  She's such a wuss, MOL

Anyway, yesterday Sasha showed you one of his favorite toys* so today is my turn.  Behind me is my tent that mom botted me from a garage sale.  You would think they would sell garages at a garage sale but this is what she came home with.

I lub my tent!  Mom bean says it used to be a sticky bean toy, and would have had balls in it.

I has a ball in it too!  My ball has a bell in it and I loves to chase it around in my tent.

Sometimes mom bean scratches on the top of the tent.

When she does that I jumps!

Then my tent falls down with me inside.

That's fun too 'cuz I can chase my ball.  When I get tired of that I come out of the tent and the mom bean picks it up for me so I can start all over.

I've got her trained pretty good!

Have a great Funday Sunday efurrybody!

*Mom here - I hate the cat toy from yesterday.  It's noisy to begin with, it eats batteries, and when one of the cats (Sami) sits on it the motor burns out.  But the cats love it...
My daughter ordered it for the cats from a television advert.  She ordered one but received two and was billed for both.  This happened to a friend of mine as well, so if you purchase one be careful to check the billing information.


  1. Thanks for the info re: the toy. WalMart had it ("as seen on TV") for just under $20, if memory serves correctly. But I figured it might "eat" batteries, better to have rechargeable ones, maybe. I'm so-so on getting it, just got them a new cat stand for the bedroom, so they don't need anything else at the moment.

    Looks like the tent might be a better batteries and definitely quieter. LOL.

  2. Saku, sua tenda é muito divertida, gostei de ver você brincando dentro dela.
    Tenham uma ótima semana

  3. Isn't the sun so much more wonderful in spring?
    Mommy was going to maybe order that toy for me, but she hasn't had the green papers. I think I would like a second Da Bird more than that. And I think the noise of that motor would drive Mommy more nuts than she already is! Thanks for the info!

  4. That tent sure looks fun! Obviously garage sale was not only for garages :-)
    I love the picture of you jumping in the tent. How cute!

  5. That reminds us...we haven't seen our tent for a while...MOOOOMMMMMYYY!!!!

  6. The tent looks like a bargain, and a fun one at that.

  7. That is a totally pawsome tent! We are sending our mom out to a garage sale too!

  8. That tent looks like LOADS of fun!!!
    A great hiding spot too!
    ; ) Katie

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