Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Secrets

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

The mom bean let me out in the sunny room this morning because I'm a pest she lubs me.  I stayed out there for a little while but it was too chilly even for me!

So now I'm hanging out on my ess waiting for the sunny shines to warm up the room.

Oh....just a sec...

Gotta check the score...or maybe I am looking at the can of catnip beside the shiny box?

Only I know for sure, and I'm not telling the mom bean.  It's a secret!*

Have a great Easter Sunday efurrybody! I hope you gets sunshine and warms.

*The mom bean here.  Maybe Saku won't tell me his secret but I have one too.  When he was in the sun room this morning, he missed seeing this guy.

Do you suppose he's the Easter bunny?


  1. Is your team winning, Saku? :-)
    Too bad he missed the bunny. I bet he is Easter bunny!

  2. Oh Look, the Easter bunny did come to your house. How great is that. And he is cute too. We sure do wish you a very Happy Easter. Take care too.

  3. whoa! That’s the Easter bunny for sure! Hoppy Easter!

  4. Happy Easter everybunny! We hope the Easter bunny was good to you all!

  5. Yes, of COURSE that was the Easter Bunny! But tell us, was that curling your Mommy is watching? The Human and I have never really seen it but we think that might be it.

  6. My cats lie around on their esses all day, too, the lazy creatures... Who was playing in the curling match?

  7. What a cute bunny! We've had a bunny on our yard some time ago too, but I have never got to see it...