Sunday, February 9, 2014

Silent Sunday

Hi everyone, it's mom here today.

Who do you suppose did this?

Take a look at these faces and see if you tell who the guilty party is.

They're not talking, but I'm pretty sure who did it.

If you look at the first photo, you'll also see there is a cushion under the chair.  This is because someone, who shall remain nameless, likes to crawl under the chair and climb into the seat.

Perhaps he thinks I need new furniture? (I guess you can tell it wasn't Sami!)


  1. That's a major decoration this "someone" did! But all the faces look so innocent :-)

  2. Yikes! Yeah, that's gonna mean either new upholstery or a new couch. Apparently microfiber is the way to go with cats. Microsuede? Heard it on Steven & Chris a couple of times, and one of the bloggers said she has a microfiber couch that has withstood her cats and dogs.

  3. We know who did it! Oui Oui! We wondered she had gone to.

    Julie, Carl & MMM

  4. Oops! That was sposed to be "wondered WHERE she . . " We keep wanting to fire our typist, but no one else will work for tuna treats.

  5. Excellent work, kittehz! Tell the peeps not to buy new furniture because you've just got this furniture purrfect! MOL!

    Happy Monday.

  6. Yikes, that's a lot of damage. It makes me happy to have a cat barf on my floors from time to time.

  7. Hey, you all said you're ready for some green and so are we, so we did our best to oblige in today's post.