Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuxie Tuesday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here.

I'm kind of busy at the moment so I's gonna let mom tell you the rest of this story.

MOM, get that flashy box out my face!

A few days ago I read a blog post, I think on one of the foster blogs about feline health issues that can result from old and dirty litter boxes.  I was embarrassed when I realized I hadn't replaced my litter boxes for a very long time.

I generally clean the boxes of debris and clumps every second day and wipe down the rim and outside "as needed".  But I only really empty and scrub out the boxes when I can take them outdoors and hose them down. (Sometime in the summer)

After reading the post, I was inspired to do some major changes in the cats' litter box room. It is an area under the basement stairs and next to the furnace room. I also read the furnace room isn't the preferred spot but my cats are accustomed to it since their boxes have been in the area in both this and the old house.

This is the before picture, with the four (very dirty) old boxes, and the two new pristine ones...that won't last.

I had hoped to find a small pool like the one the Katnip Lounge uses but it's too early in the season  to be in stock.  Instead I found two smaller boxes at Wallyworld.

The more expensive of the two has an additional piece to allow for screening of the litter versus scooping.  I'm not sure how well it will work, but if I don't like it, I can always remove the screen and just use it as I would any other box.

I removed ALL of the litter from the four existed boxes, then tossed out one small and one large box based on their condition as they both had broken lids.

 I scrubbed the older boxes first with a brush, then used a rag to clean up every corner, rinsed them carefully, and after assembly of the new boxes, I filled the four with fresh litter.  The floor was swept and washed (that's done weekly) and the area was ready for future deposits.

I was able to shift the newest boxes away from the back of the book shelf.  As you can tell, it's been the target of a few misplaced mancat aims.


Seriously mom?  Misplaced aims...those wasn't nothing misplaced about my aim.  Thanks for the new and cleaned up digs...but don't forget tuxies rule, you beans drool!!!

Have a great Tuxie Tuesday efurrybody!


  1. Reading blogs always helps and inspires us, isn't it :-) I love the big pool at Katnip Lounge but our house is too small for such big box.
    Misplaced aims...LOL! Well that happens sometimes :-)

  2. Don't feel bad about not keeping up with the cleaning. I'm the same way. I too wait until summer to wash out the boxes. I should do better of course and hope to in the future. It looks like you have your furry friends' interests well at heart.

  3. misplaced aim ?????

    ....looks rite on target to uz !!!


  4. I've done some misplaced aiming myself too, but not lately :-) The secretary claims it's thanks to the neutering. Anyhow, she uses a specially made plastic bag to cover the litter box, and on top of the plastic, she puts the cat litter. Every week she takes the whole plastic bag with it contents and throws it away. The box itselfs stays pretty neat that way.

  5. Wow. Now THAT'S impressive! What a lot of trouble your Mom has gone through to make your litter-boxing more pleasant! The least you boys can do is AIM carefully! I think my Human should take a lesson here.

  6. Parece que as caixas de areia são um problemas para todos!
    Gostaria de saber se as novas caixas vão ser mais fáceis de manter, já encontrei esse modelo aqui para vender.

  7. Jan is jealous. She wants to be able to use those low boxes but a certain cat who shall remain nameless (hehehe) aims high.