Sunday, January 26, 2014

Freezy, breezy Sunday

Hi efurryone, Sasha and Saku here.

The mom bean is being furry lazy and using a picture from a few days ago.  Saku and I were curled up on her messy bed, where it was warm.

We're doing the same thing today so she figured why not use this picture instead of getting off her duff and taking the camera to her bedroom to take another sleeping picture of us.  That's lazy right?

Oh well, I guess we is being lazy too.  And for good reason!  It is furry cold outside and the wind is howling.  This is a good spot the spend the rest of our day.  Have a warm and snooze filled Sunday efurrybody!

Pee Ess:  MOL, some of you think it was me in the bowling picture but it wasn't me.  No way I'd ever do anything than undignified...well, probably not.  I didn't want mom to post it because I felt embarassed for the poor kitty


  1. Well you both sure are getting your easy on! Happy Easy...

  2. Hey, this is the day for it..enjoy and make sure you take up most of the bed tonight. xxoo

  3. Vocês parecem muito aconchegante, nós estamos com saudades do frio.

  4. Your mom may be lazy but smart! LOL! Well being lazy is a great way to spend weekend :-)
    Wishing you a wonderful new week xoxo

  5. Pfft. I'm all in favor of limiting the use of the flashy-clickity box! Course, it does encourage their laziness, too, I guess. Peeps--what can you do?

    The bowling thing? Yeah, it was kinda funny. Heh heh.

  6. Cold and windy outside is a good time to be inside. I'm glad you cats have a warm and loving home to be safe in.