Monday, January 13, 2014

It's still Mancat Monday somewhere

Hi efurrybody, Sasha here!

We is sorry we are so late, but the mom is so far behind she's catching up to herself. Sheesh, and she laughs at us when we chase our tails.

This weekend she was going through all the bazillions of pictures she has of us kitties* and she came across this picture of me.  She thought it was so pawsome she made it her screen saver!

I think I look furry handsome, don't you?

Have a great Monday (and Tuesday too) efurrybody!


  1. You *do* look super handsome! Your Human can't have been as irresponsible as my Human. She's been just USELESS in helping me visit my furiends. Hissssssses to her! (Mine not yours, MOL)

  2. We can see why she made that her screen saver!

  3. That's a very good picture of you, Sasha. I have about the same number of photographs of my cats. I don't seem to take pictures of anything else.

  4. dood...lookin handsome buddy...we can see ya haza screen saver...cover oh cats magazeen....on yur blog !!!! happee ton oh trout twoozday !!

  5. You look very handsome!! The look in your eyes is as confident and relaxed as in the eyes of a tiger!

  6. You indeed look very handsome! And this is such a cool picture of you and toy in action :-) I think it's purrfect for the screensaver!