Monday, January 6, 2014

Another late mancat Monday

Hi efurrybody, Sasha here.

Heavy sigh...the mom bean is late again. And what is her excuse?  She was busy cleaning house yesterday and hunting green papers today.  Seriously, what if we kitties were to postpone waking her up in the morning to tell her it was breakfast time?  How would she like that? Okay...maybe that is not a good example.

But you gets the idea, right?

And one more thing, this picture is not new!  The mom was cleaning out her desk yesterday (AND boy did it need cleaning) and she found a bunch of these flashy box thingies..she calls them memory cards...though they don't seem to help her memory any, MOL.  When she put the thingie into the tippy tap box, guess what she found?

Well, of course it was pictures...they was from the flashy box.  Some of the pictures was even of us kitties.  Here I am trying to take a nap on the mom's bed.  Notice the claws...I is pretty sure I'm telling mom enough of the flashy box already...leave a mancat alone!

I guess since she didn't use the flashy box tonight I can forgive her for being late.  Hopes you all had a wonderful Mancat Monday!


  1. dood !!! we iz even late on postin on monday...!!! hope all iz well, yur pic sure iz lookin grate !!! heerz ta a ton oh trout twoozday !!!

  2. Oh the claws...and your face expression..tell her that was enough of flashy box. LOL!

  3. I feel your pain! The same happened here today! It's already evening and only now I have my secretary all for myself! I guess the Christmas holidays are now really over... And besides her stupid day job, she went to the swimming hall with the kids! She really needs to reconsider her priorities!
    p.s. My staff are going to Turkey again sometime in the summer. However, the lady was surfing for some random weekend get-away flights to some nice city, like Copenhagen or something. As if that would never happen...

  4. Your expression says it all, Sasha.