Thursday, December 18, 2014

ThanKfUl ThURsDay

HI efFurRbuDdy,  its me SaMi.  Thiz iZ mi laSt pOst Bfor thE mOM bEan gets hOme.\

I iz tHankFul Cuz I gotTEd to haVe thE bLog to miSelF anD the chAiR to two too.

BuT i iz MoSt thAnKfuL tHe moM bEan iz hoMe two too toMorRow cuz tHiz iz haRd.

HaVE a grAte tHankFul ThuRSdaY eFfurrybUddY!!!

PEe eSs  Thiz  weKe iz ouR seCreT k?


  1. It IS a little hard to type when you don't have thumbs, though it's doable. :-D

    We'll never tell, Sami, promise.

  2. sami...we dunno nothin bout nothin any day ore any time ore any kinda any thing....promise !! ♥♥♥

  3. Vai ser o nosso segredo hehehehe

  4. I'll bet your mum will be glad to be home with you, too, Sami.