Monday, December 15, 2014

all MiNe mONdaY

Pssttt, itS Me, Sami!

tHE momm been ab aba LefTed us AgaIn.

WHat shE dosnt kno iz I fig figg got heR Paswurd.

SO scuze tHe sPelin aND the miztaks.  I iz triNg bUtt thiz iZ haRd wifOut tgggtusjhj  oops thumBs.

i wiLL be Bak too two tUsdaY afTeR a loNgGGg Nap.  haff a gRate MoNdaY!


  1. heh heh heh...get online and order some treats!

  2. I know typing is a bit of challenge without opposable thumbs but you did great job posting!
    Enjoy your nap and have a wonderful day xoxo

  3. AWESOMW PAWSOME! Say, I hope you'll go order stuffs on-line while you have the chance?

  4. Your mom leaves you far too often, we think. You need her credit card number now, so you can order new cat toys and trees!

  5. Sami, você é muito esperto! hehehe

  6. You spell better than most people these days, Sami!