Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another easy Sunday

Hi efurrybody, Sami here!

It's been a long time since I gots to talk...those boy kitties are furry noisy.  But mom says I can tells you all about our weekend.

We had a furry easy Caturday and the forecast for Sunday is the same.  Yesterday we gotted mom up at daybreak to feed us.  MOL, we got the brofur to feed us at dark o'clock too.  So we got two breakfasts!

Saku didn't wants more, so he wented out to check on the sun in the sunny room.

He said it was furry sunny, but a little cool so mom kept the door open.

Sasha found it furry comfortable and settled in for a nice long nap.

Saku wanted a little more covering so he hid under the towel.  Can you see him?

Here he is!

Did you notice there is no picture of me?  That's 'cuz I wasn't sleeping in the sunny room.  I was in my usual spot on the back of the couch.  That way no one can go anywhere without me seeing them, MOL.

Today we is going to do much the same.  Hope you all have a furry easy Sunday!

Pee ess:  Mom wants to know if the pictures look a little clearer.  She changed some settings and...cleaned the lens.  Apparently a bean needs to do that once in a while!


  1. Smart Kitties. Enjoy your cozy Sunday.

  2. Oh you look SO comfy and by the way, that pink nose is like the finest of silk from far away lands that only kitties can afford and have.

  3. You look very comfy in the sun and nice cool air!
    I think the pictures look very clear. Yep, good idea to clean the lens...LOL.

  4. Haha, NEVER ask us about photography! Anyone's is better than ours! Not only does our mom never clean any lens, she doesn't even use a camera. She just uses her OLD phone. But it does look like everyone had a great day. Any day with 2 breakfasts is a great day.

  5. Yes, the pictures are very clear. I'd stick with this setting.

  6. Mom needs pro help with picture taking. Anyone willing to teach?