Monday, July 1, 2013

Over Easy Sunday

Hi efurrybody, Sami here!

It was such an easy Sunday here, Mom forgotted to help us blog!  It kind of made us upset, but then mom took us outside and we forgived her, MOL

Here's Sasha enjoying the sunshine on the deck. It got furry hot here yesterday (for us) but Sasha lubs the sun.

You can't see him but our bean brofur is sitting next to him and giving him scritches.  He lubs that!

Then Mom gotted him some catnip and he lubbed that too!

Saku went for a walk in the grass.  He founded a long piece of grass and chewed on it for a little bit.

Mom says he's never done that before.

Then he gotted distracted by a bug.  Mom says that happens all the time, MOL!

Saku lubs to roll around in the grass.  He gets bits of grass and leaves all over him.

Mom gave him some nip too and put him back inside the sunny room.

Then it was my turn to go outside.

This was the first time I've gone off the deck.  I didn't like the feel of the grass on my feet so I walked on the bricks.

I liked the smells furry much.  It is different than inside our sunny room.

Then Mom putted me on the grass.  What a big meanie!!!  But it was okay for a little while.

I didn't stay out much longer.  It felt weird under my feets.

So mom gave me some nip too!

We had a lot of fun outside, after all the sun and the nip it was time for a long Sunday nap.

Hope you all had a wonderful easy Sunday too!


  1. What a nice Sunday you all had! The sun and the nip, aren't they the best? :-) I think you will get used to the grass under your feet. And you might enjoy rolling around on it, too!

  2. Outside and catnip rights a lot of wrongs! Maybe you can furgive Mom for not blogging much, this time.

  3. Hi sweetie pie. I am not allowed out. Mommy is so scairt! Silly cat mommy! xoxox