Sunday, July 1, 2018

Happy Canada Day!

Hi efurrybody, Saku here today. 

We want to wish all of our Canadian furriends a happy Canada Day!  Mom bean says our country is 151 years old today.  That's like a bazillion gazillion kitty naps. 

Mom bean brought us home a prezzie from the store too.  See my 'stache?  It's a nip 'stache for our toy stash, MOL!  Actually there are two.

Sheldon got the other one and he went nip crazy!!!  

Have a great day efurrybody!


  1. Wow, nip to celebrate Canada Day! That's awesome!

    Have fun, and have a great upcoming week!

  2. Happy Canada Day! Did you know our island is thisclose to Canada? We’ve always felt a special friendship with Canada.

  3. whoa! Sheldon sure did enjoy that toy! Happy Canada Day, sweet pals!

  4. Kitty nip is a great way to celebrate!
    Happy Canada DAy =)

  5. Oooh you've got very nice 'stache!
    Happy Canada Day to you xo

  6. happee canada day guyz !!! hope mom letz ya eat sum perch pizza N donutz coz thatz what cha due on birthdayz....rite ~~~~~~~ :) ♥♥ yur new toyz R grate !! ☺☺

  7. I'm late in reading this, but I hope everyone there had a wonderful Canada Day. And I find having a catnip moustache very odd - but if it makes you happy...

  8. I lost my wifi signal all day. Trying to comment. Keeps going out. Happy Canada Day before it goes again. xx