Monday, April 2, 2018

Bed making 101

Hi efurrybody, Sheldon here with you today.
Sheldon:  I'm helping the mom bean make her bed this morning.

Saku: Yeah, he's a real big help.  Now me...I'm a great helper.
Mom: Great helpers, both of them.  Then the fight was on and I got to remake the bed again.  Silly cats!

Sheldon and Saku:  What does she know?  We like the bed when it is rumpled.  Have a great day efurrybody!


  1. guyz.....we agreez...noe fun sleepin on smooth when ya can sleep on ruffled !!!! hope yur easturr waz grate N heerz two an awesum week a head !! :) ☺☺♥♥

  2. Ha! That looks suspiciously like what goes on here too. You guys are AWESOME helpers!

  3. Aww Sheldon and Saku, you both did great job helping your mom make bed! We all know rumpled bed is the best :-)

  4. We think you guys were a huge help!

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  6. An under-cover battle? That would have been fun to see - but only until the bed had to be made again...