Saturday, April 14, 2018


Hi efurrybody, we thought we'd share picture of our cuzins, Hollywood and PJ, with their new fursib Cola.  Yep, she's a woofie!  We would be furry afraid but mom bean says these kitties are used to woofies.

Cola is a rescue puppy and is about 6 months old.  That means she's gonna get bigger.  We think she's big enough already!

Hollywood and PJ are the sisfurs of our angels Shady and Silas.  They will be 14 years old in June this year.  Hollywood (the black kitty) has had some health issues this year, but PJ is furry healthy.  The kitties live in the new porch or in the basement most of the time, though they both make a run for it when they can get into the house.  They also are furry good hunters and bring mousies into the porch and even, sometimes a burdie.  

Mom bean still hasn't met Cola in purrson but says she'll go out for a visit to the farm soon.  Hollywood luvs our mom bean especially when she gives her brushes, but PJ is furry shy most of the time.  We plan to stay home and nap as we has no interest in meeting the woofie.

Have a great Caturday efurrybody!


  1. You have great fur cousins, even Cola, who looks like a lovely dog. She does look big enough already -- lol. We don't blame Hollywood and PJ for making a run for it into the house when they get a chance, though. We wouldn't want to be relegated to a porch or basement, though we do understand that lots of kitties are outdoor/indoor, and life on a farm is different. Tell your mom to give them all scritches from our biped. :-)

  2. They look like great fur cousins...even Cola. :)

  3. Lovely photo of your fur cousins! Cola looks big already indeed! Glad kitties are fine around woofie :-)

  4. I think dogs are pretty cool with cats, guys, so if you did meet one, he'd probably like you. They do take a bit of getting used to, though.

  5. wavez two ewe hollywood & PJ...itz veree nice ta meet ewe N ewe all sew cola....everee onez welcome in TT any time; N we hope ya get ta feelin grate hollywood.... ☺☺♥♥ thoz...BURDZ ~~~~~~~~~