Sunday, January 3, 2016

Starting the new year off right

Hi efurrybody!  This 2016 year is sure starting off good for us kitties.

Now you might think this picture was taken this summer, but guess what, it wasn't!

Nope it was taken on Friday when the mom bean opened up the sunny room for us.  She says it was 9C (48F) when she first opened the door, but she put the little heater thingy on and it warmed up to 15C (59F) pretty quick.  Can you imagine, we're out in the sunny room in January?*

We all found our favorite places to hang out. 

Sash lubs the cat bed, especially when it is in a sunpuddle.

Sami lubs the recliner chair.  Mom bean thinks it is because it's her, the mom bean's that is, favorite chair too.

Maybe, Sami is just warming up the spot for the mom bean.

And me, Saku, I like to hang out in, on, or sometimes under my tent.  It's the best spot in the room to watch what's happening inside and out.

No bunny out there yet, but I be he'll come around soon.

We sure hopes the start of 2016 is going great for all our furriends.  
*The sun room is generally closed off from November through February.  With El Nino the cats may get to use it every month this year.  Is is wrong that I'm liking this global warming? - mom bean


  1. We are warm here too!! Mommy is all for El Nino, she detests the cold!

  2. Sounds like your new year started off really nicely! Love the first picture of you all together in the sunny room. It's been fairly warm here, too. Enjoy nice warm weather, furriends!

  3. Now that's the way to start a new year with sunshine and warmer weather. Unfortunately, we have neither here...but it will still be a great year!

  4. happee mew yeer guyz & heerz ta a grate 2016 two everee one !!! heerz all sew ta a flounder in everee fryin pan anda perch in everee pot ♥♥♥

  5. Aproveitem a sala ensolarada meus amores!

  6. Happy new year cats, and mum. It does look like a day of spring sunshine, doesn't it? Well, any sunshine is welcome to cats.

  7. Happy New Year! How nice that you got to enjoy some sunpuddles to begin 2016. :)

  8. We prefer the warmer weather too. How nice to have a sun room so you can enjoy the weather.