Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Hi efurrybody, Sasha here.

Today we is furry thankful because the mom bean finally stopped doing other stuff and sat down to help us tippy tap. She seems to think that spending her green papers and using the hot box in the cat food room is more impawtent and keeps muttering something about Chrissy Mouse.  I ask you, how can a mouse be more impawtent than us kitties?

And we still hasn't got her to read us efurrybody's blogs this week but we'll get there...sigh....a kitty has to have a lot of patience with these silly beans.

We is also furry thankful to be inside kitties.  Mom bean says it is furry cold outside, like elebenty bazillion below freezing (-18C/0F).  I still thought it would be a good idea to go out to the sunny room after dinner even though it wasn't sunny.

As soon as the mom bean opened the door I changed my mind.  Brrrr!  

Then Sami and Saku decided to check it out.  Do you know what the mom bean did then?  She shutted the door!

Saku asked to be let in first. But when mom bean opened the door she couldn't get a picture of Sami 'cuz she was just a blur running back inside!

We knows we are furry lucky to live where we are warm and get good foods and scritches and snuggles with mom bean.  We wish efurry kitty and woofie could find a pawsome furever home.

Oh, and mom bean says it is the Thanks giving turkey day where some of our furriends live.  We want to say thanks to you for being our furriends and we hopes efurryone has a great Thankful Thursday!


  1. Brrrr, minus 18C is beyond freezing. We had a windchill of -8C in the wee hours today, and even we wouldn't venture out!

    As for Chrissy Mouse...Well, no mouse is more important than kitties, that's obvious, but we think you need to start working on your list for Santa!

  2. Vocês são gatinhos felizes, aproveitem o feriado com sua mamãe e mantenham-se aquecidos.
    Feliz Ação de Graças!

  3. Oh brrrr. Stay warm, kitties!
    Happy Thankful Thursday :-)

  4. You all have lots to be thankful for. Stay warm!

  5. We're a bit cold here too but you've probably got us beat. Thankful Thursday to you too.

  6. Minus eighteen? MINUS? MOUSES! that's cold. Keep safe and warm, inside, my friends. Safe and warm and if you can find one, when the sun comes out, enjoy a sunpuddle.


  7. That's the same temperature as in southern Alberta today. It was supposed to be warmer today and that cold tomorrow, so riding to work on my bicycle gave me a bit of a surprise. Yes, the sun room won't be as warm as you may think for the next little while.

  8. Wow, -18 C! May the force be with you! It hasn't been that cold here at all! We even have just about above the zero! I always think we live in the coldest Place.