Saturday, July 12, 2014

Catch-up Caturday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

I has been helping the mom bean unpack and now I is sitting on the suitcase so she doesn't pack it again.

She says she isn't going away again for awhile but I'm not sure I believes her!

We is all furry glad to have her home, but we is also furry sad too.  Something bad happened while she was away.

Can you see what happened?

Not really?  I'll show you a close-up.

Yep, a window in the sunny room got broked.  We don't know how as there was no branch or dead burd or anything.

Mom bean says she is thankful we wasn't in the room when it broke.  But we is furry sad 'cuz she says until all of the glass is cleaned up we can't go out there.

So for now, we is stuck inside the house. :(  Oh well, it could be worse, mom bean could still be away.

Have a great Caturday efurrybody!


  1. Yikes! We're sorry the window is broken -- attempted break in, with the culprit(s) scared off? We hope that wasn't it. Paws crossed your mom can replace it soon and you can go out there again.

  2. Glad your mom is back ! But I'm sorry the window is broken. Wonder what happened. I hope it get fixed soon so you can go out to the sunny room!

  3. Glad your Mom is home now. Too bad about the window getting broken. Bet you all are going to have a good week end with the mom home now.

  4. Welcome home to your mom :)
    It's so wicked for broken window ! As long as no one broke in, all still good.
    I hope it all fix in fast speed

  5. Saku,
    We are glad your Mom is home again.
    Don't worry she will get things fixed soon and you can resume your normal cat guard duties.
    the kitty brats

  6. oh noes! We say constant whingeing until she gets the window repaired.