Monday, June 30, 2014

Another late Mancat Monday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

It's another late Mancat Monday 'cuz the mom bean is being lazy.  Do you know that she gotted up this morning to feed us and then went back to bed for more sleep.  That wasn't a bad thing for us, 'cuz we got to eat and have a nap too.  But instead of tippy tapping and visiting our furriends she's been busy with the bean sisfur.

Things are still a little sideways (just like me) 'cuz the sisfur hasn't taken efurrything with her. And mom bean says she has some cleaning to do behind her too.

But instead of  cleaning, I gots to have a nap with her this afternoon. Can't move a cat right?  MOL

Hope efurrybody had a great mancat Monday!


  1. Love your sideways photo, Saku :-)
    I hope you get to have lots of nice naps with your mom!

  2. Our mom is jealous! She wishes she could go back to bed too. We keep telling her it's ok, if we have been fed, but she runs out the door most mornings. :(

  3. dood...ewe think YUR late on mancat monday...we still haz yet ta post ona mancat monday !!