Saturday, November 30, 2013

Catch-up Caturday

Hi efurrybody, Sami here!

We is getting caughted up on our furriends furry slowly, 'cuz the mom keeps having to go chase green papers.  She says that is what happens when a bean goes on vacation.

And even though she is home today with us, she keeps running around the house doing stuff, like making the bed, washing dishes, taking out the garbage....silly bean things like that!

Saku and Sasha are enjoying the sunshine on the bed.

Me, I'm following mom around and efurrytime she sits down for a second, I make sure she stays there by curling up on her lap and purring.

And when she wanted to take my picture I told her she had to give me scritches.  I is so happy to have mom home again!

Mom says we'll be around later today after she catches up with the housework.  I guess I has to get off her lap....otherwise it will never get done!

Have a great Caturday efurrbody!


  1. Here is a secret, sweet kitties: Mommy had a Suki and a Sasha before brandi and me, and she loves being reminded by kitties like you! Her kitties were very sweet (as all her kitties enjoy being), just like you!

  2. "Silly bean things" indeed. :-)

    That pic of you getting scritches is adorable. Saku and Sasha look pretty darned adorable too!

  3. Yes, for us humans, it's always a matter of catching up after a holiday. We try not to think about that part of time-off.

  4. O meu tradutor falhou, mas eu gostei das fotos, parece que vocêss tiveram um sábado incrível com sua mamãe.

  5. My Human has gotted VERY behind with visiting. She is just plain L-A-Z-Y is what I say even though she says she's so worn out from woooooork. Hrmph. We'll see about THAT!

  6. My mommy want to be a little bit less active but with we two sick patients, me and her son, my brovver..her is buzzy furry minnit.

  7. Hi Kitties, It's awful when our people just think they can up and go someplace without us, isn't it? I mean, not that we want to get stuffed into PTUs and dragged around either, but honestly, they should just stay home with us where they belong!