Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cat trap Caturday

Hi efurrybody!  We has a pawsome new cat trap in our house the mom bean made for us.  Normally we wouldn't want a cat trap but this one is a lot of fun.

All you needs is a box big enough for at least one kitty, some crinkly brown paper, and a few toys.

It doesn't look like much but it really, really works!

Sasha:  I was in the box playing with the paper when the mom bean showed up with the flashy box.

I really don't feel like having my picture taken so I'm out of here.

Sami:  If you're not gonna play, I will.  But only if the mom bean takes that flashy box away.*

*They simply will not let me take a photo while they're wrestling with a toy or bunny kicking the paper.  The click of the on button is enough to stop them.  You'll have to use your imagination. ;) 
Mom bean

Have a safe Halloween efurrybody!  


  1. Wow, we could really get into a "cat trap" like that! (Psst! We stop doing cute/funny stuff too, when the biped gets her camera. We don't like having our picture taken, either!)

  2. We know how you feel. Jan has the same problem with us. Or is that our problem with her? Happy Halloween.

  3. I totally love your cat trap! What a great idea. Maybe I can catch one too...right here!! xox

  4. Happy Meowloween!

    We have a Mystery Pee'r every time there's a Cat Trap at our house...

  5. Happy Meowloween, pals! That cat trap is a great idea! WE gotta try that. :)

  6. That is a fun-tastic cat trap! The box must trap many kitties.....but the flashy box makes them get away. Hahaha :-)

  7. MOL! We do that too when the mom tries to take pictures of us. We hope your having a Happy Halloween!

  8. Isso também acontece comigo, basta pegar a câmera que eles viram de costas ou param de brincar. Mas não vamos desistir nunca de tirar fotos! hehehehe
    Boa semana!

  9. Well it almost worked. That does look like an excellent trap and a fun one too. You all have a great week.