Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tabby Tuesday

Hi efurrybody, Sami here again!  

Can you believe it, I has been on the blog two days in a row...well maybe there two days in between but that means two days in almost a row! Tres cool!

Did you know tres means furry?  I didn't but mom bean told me.

Speaking of the mom bean, she took this picture of me on the scratcher but she wanted me to look at her.  

That look on my face is saying "Fine, but just one,  then get the flashy box out of my face.

Have a great tabby Tuesday efurrybody!


  1. You look like you are going to turn away of she persists MOL

  2. We're totally distracted by your AWESOME scratcher! Wherever did your mom get it?

  3. It looks like you're on a sled about to zoom down a wintery slope, Sami.

  4. Sami parece que você está em um trenó, muito legal!
    Aproveite o dia.

  5. Hahaha....your face tells all :-) I hope your mom got the message!

  6. sami...thatz one total lee awesum scratcher ya haz !!! ♥♥♥